MAT Vocab A-B

  1. Abash
    • - To embarrass
    • -Disconcert, discomfit, faze, mortify
  2. Abate
    to decrease, reduce

    Dwindle, ebb, recede, flag, wane
  3. Aberration
    something different from the usual

    anomaly, irregularity, abnormality, deviation
  4. Abet
    to aid, act as accomplice

    help, succor, assist
  5. abject
    miserable, pitiful

    pathetic, lamentable, sorry
  6. abridge
    to condense, shorten

    abbreviate, cut, prune
  7. abscond
    to depart secretly

    flee, decamp, fly, blot
  8. Abstemious
    marked by restraint, especially in the consumption of food or alcohol

    moderate, temperate, sparing
  9. Abstinent

    forbearing, refraining, ascetic
  10. accede
    to express approval, agree to

    assent, acquiesce, consent, concure
  11. Accolade
    praise, distinction

    praise, acclaim, approbation, commendation, kudos
  12. Accretion
    growth in size or increase in amount

    buildup, accumulation, accrual
  13. Accrue
    to accumulate, grow by additions

    augment, enlarge, expand, burgeon, wax
  14. Acerbic
    bitter, sharp in taste or temper

    tart, biting, caustic, cutting
  15. Acme
    highest point, summit

    apex, crown, peak, pinnacle, zenith
  16. Atrocious
    monstrous, shockingly bad, wicked

    horrible, appalling, deplorable, direful
  17. Atrophy
    to waste away, with from disuse

    deteriorate, degenerate
  18. Acquiesce
    to agree, comply quietly 

    accede, consent, submit
  19. Acrid
    Harsh, bitter 

    sharp, pungent, caustic
  20. Acrimony
    bitterness, animosity

    choler, spleen, rancor, asperity, antipathy
  21. acumen
    sharpness of insight

    sagacity, discernment, shrewdness
  22. adage
    old saying or proverb

    apothem, aphorism, maxim
  23. admonish
    to caution or reprimand

    reprove, chide, upbraid, berate, rebuke
  24. adroit
    skillful, accomplished, highly competent 

    deft, dexterous, proficient, accomplished, adept
  25. adulation
    high praise 

    admiration, flattery, accolade
  26. adulterated
    to corrupt or make impure 

    contaminate, dilute
  27. aesthetic
    pertaining to beauty or art 

    artistic, tasteful
  28. alacrity
    cheerful readiness, promptness in response 

    celerity, promptness, dispatch, enthusiasm
  29. allusion
    indirect reference 

    intimation, suggestion
  30. altercation
    noisy dispute 

    argument, clash, fight, quarrel
  31. altruism
    unselfish concern for others' welfare 

    benevolence, generosity, kindness
  32. amalgamate
    to mix, combine 

    integrate, assimilate, merge, incorporate, league
  33. ambivalence
    attitude of uncertainty, conflicting emotions 

    indecision, vacillation
  34. ambulatory
    of, relating to, or adapted to walking, moving about form place to place 

    itinerant, nomadic, peripatetic, roving, vagabond
  35. ameliorate
    to make better, improve 

    amend, better, reform
  36. amulet
    ornament worn as a charm agains evil spirits 

    talisman, fetish
  37. anachronistic

    anomalous, inconsistent, inappropriate
  38. anathema
    ban, curse; something shunned or disliked 

    execration, horror, abomination
  39. ancillary
    accessory, subordinate, helping 

    adjunct, additional, auxiliary, supplemental
  40. anecdote
    short, usually funny account of an event 

    story, joke
  41. Anomaly
    Irregularity or deviation from the norm 

    Oddity, aberration, deviance, peculiarity, abnormality
  42. Antediluvian
    prehistoric, ancient beyond measure

    old, archaic, antique
  43. Antipathy
    dislike, hostility, extrem opposition of aversion 

    enmity, malice, antagonism
  44. Antithesis
    exact opposite or direct contrast 

    contrary, reverse
  45. Apex
    highest point, summit 

    acme, crown, zenith, peak, crest
  46. Aphorism
    old saying or short, pithy statement 

    adage, apothegm, maxim, proverb
  47. Apocryphal
    not genuine, fictional 

    erroneous, fictitious, fraudulent, false
  48. apostate
    one who renounces a religious faith 

    renegade, turncoat, deserter
  49. appropriate
    v. to take possession of 

    usurp, arrogate, commandeer
  50. aquatic
    belonging or living in water

    watery, maritime, pelagic
  51. arable
    suitable for cultivation 

    farmable, fertile
  52. arcane
    secret, obscure, known only to a few 

    esoteric, mysterious
  53. arch
    adj. mischievous, roguish 

    impish, waggish, saucy, ironic
  54. archipelago
    large group of islands 

    cluster, scattering
  55. arrogate
    to demand, claim arrogantly 

    appropriate, usurp, seize, commandeer, assume
  56. ascetic
    self denying, abstinent, austere 

    continent, temperate, abstemious
  57. ascribe
    to attribute to, assign 

    accredit, impute, refer
  58. ashen
    resembling ashes, deathly pale

    blanched, pallid, pasty, wan
  59. aspersion
    false rumor, damaging report, slander 

    allegation, insinuation, reproach
  60. assiduous
    diligent, persistent, hard working 

    industrious, steadfast, thorough
  61. assonance
    resemblance in sound, especially in vowel sounds, partial rhyme 

    repetition, similarity, echo
  62. assuage
    to make less sever, ease, relieve

    mitigate, alleviate, ease, apease, mollify
  63. astringent
    harsh, severe , stern 

    sharp, bitter, caustic
  64. asylum
    refuge, sanctuary 

    haven, shelter
  65. Attenuate
    to make think thin or slender; weaken

    Reduce, rarify, diminish
  66. Augury
    prophecy, prediction of events 

    omen, auspices, portent, harbinger, presage
  67. August
    dignified, awe-inspiring, venerable

    grand, majestic, admirable, awesome
  68. Auspicious
    having favorable prospects, promising

    encouraging, propitious, hopeful, postive
  69. Austere
    stern, strict, unadorned

    dour, bare, ascetic
  70. Autocrat

    tyrant, authoritarian, despot, totalitarian
  71. autonomous
    separate, independent 

    sovereign, self governed, free
  72. Avarice

    cupidity, rapacity
  73. Aver
    to declare to be true, affirm

    assert, attest
  74. Aviary
    large enclosure housing birds

    birdhouse, zoo
  75. Awry
    crooked, askew, amiss

    aslant, wrong
  76. Axiom
    premise, postulate, self evident truth

    adage, apothegm, aphorism, maxim, rule
  77. Baleful
    harmful, with evil intentions

    dark, sinister
  78. Balk
    to refuse, shirk; prevent

    stop;check, thwart, frustrate
  79. Banal
    trite, overly common

    hackneyed, shopworn, inane
  80. Bane
    something causing death, destruction, or ruin

    cures, scourge, poison
  81. Banter
    playful conversation

    chatter, palaver, prattle
  82. Bastion
    fortification, stronghold

    bulwark, defense, haven
  83. Bawdy
    obscene, lewd

    vulgar, risque, rude, coarse
  84. Bay(v.)
    to bark, especially in a deep, prolonged way

    howl, ululate, wail, keen
  85. Behemoth
    huge creature

    giant, titan, monster
  86. Belabor
    to insist repeatedly or harp on

    dwell upon, harp upon
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