Vocabulary Cartoon II pt. 2

  1. Intrepid
  2. Abash
    to make ashamed
  3. Diffident
  4. Ebullience
    (i Bull yents)n.
  5. Philippic
    (fe Lip ik) n.
    A verbal denunciation characterized by harsh, insulting language
  6. Choleric
    (KAHL ur ik) adj.
    hot- tempered
  7. Peccadillo
    (pek ah DIL oh) n.
    a minor offense
  8. Defunct
    (dee Fungkt) adj.
    dead or inactive
  9. Ostensible
    (o STen seh bel) adj.
    appearing as such
  10. Skullduggery
    (skul Dug uh ree) n.
    trickery; underhandedness
  11. Tawdry
    (TAW dree) adj.
    gaudy and cheap in appearance or nature
  12. Armament
    (ARM ah ment) n.
    military supplies and weapons
  13. Replete
    (ri PLEET) adj.
    full or supplied to the utmost
  14. Diminution
    (di muh NYOO shun) n.
    the act or process of diminishing; reduction
  15. Purblind
    (per blind) adj.
    having poor vision
  16. Ethereal
    (i THEER ee ul) adj.
    very light; airy
  17. Palisade
    (pal ih SAYD) n.
    a fortification of timbers set in the ground
  18. Fusillade
    (FYOO se lahd) n.
    a rapid outburst or barrage
  19. Malaise
    (ma LAYZ) n.
    a vague feeling of bodily discomfort as at the beginning of an illness
  20. Boon
    (boon) n.
    a timely benefit; a blessing
  21. Poltroon
    (pol TROON) n.
    a coward
  22. Diatribe
    (DYE uh tryb) n.
    a bitter verbal attack
  23. Offal
    (AW fal) n.
    waste parts especially of a butchered animal
  24. Parley
    (PAHR lee) n.
    a conference, especially between enemies
  25. Lambaste
    (lam BAST) v.
    to give a thrashing; scold
  26. Eschew
    (ES choo) v.
    to avoid or shun
  27. Iconoclast
    (I con o klast) n.
    one who attacks and seeks to overthrow traditional or popular ideas or institutions
  28. Despot
    (DES puht) n.
    an absolute ruler
  29. Supine
    (soo PYNE) adj.
    lying on the back with the face turned upward
  30. Winnow
    (WIN oh) v.
    to rid of undesirable parts
  31. Boor
    (buur) n.
    a rude person; someone that is unrefined
  32. Forbearance
    (for BAYr ans) adj.
  33. Agog
    (ah gog) adj.
    highly excited by eagerness
  34. Cataract
    (KAT ah rakt) n.
    a large waterfall; a deluge; an eye abnormality
  35. Jetsam
    (JET sem) n.
    cargo or equipment thrown overboard to lighten an imperiled vessel; discarded odds and ends
  36. Fetter
    (FET ur) v.
    to restrain; to hamper
  37. Torpid
    (TOR pid) adj.
    dormant; inactive; lethargic
  38. Torrid
    (TOR id) adj.
    intensely hot; burning; passionate; rapid
  39. Pinguid
    (pen gwed) adj.
  40. Mottle
    (MOT el) v.
    to mark with spots or blotches of different shades or color
  41. Prattle
    (PRAT l) v.
    to babble; to talk meaninglessly
  42. Quail
    (kwayl) v.
    to shrink with fear; to cower
  43. Annex
    (an NEKS) v.
    to add or attach
  44. Espouse
    (eh SPOWZ) v.
    to adopt; to support
  45. Manifest
    (MAN ih fest) adj.
    clearly apparent to the sight or understanding
  46. Morass
    (meh RAS) n.
    anything that hinders, traps or overwhelms
  47. Slake
    (slayk) v.
    to quench; to satisfy a craving
  48. Prehensile
    (pri HEN sil) adj.
    adapted for grasping or holding
  49. Indolence
    (IN doh lents) adj.
  50. Benighted
    (be NI tid) adj.
    being in a state of intellectual darkness; ignorant; unenlightened
  51. Shunt
    (shunt) v.
    to move or turn aside
  52. Enmity
    (EN mi tee) n.
    hostility; deep-seated hatred
  53. Bevy
    (bev EE) n.
    a group of animals
  54. Bandy
    (BAN dee) v.
    to trade; to give back and forth; to exchange
  55. Evince
    (i VINS) v.
    to show or demonstrate clearly
  56. Quietude
    (kwi i TUDE) n.
    calm, tranquil
  57. Extrude
    to force out
  58. Obtrude
    (aub TROOD) v.
    to impose oneself or one's ideas on others
  59. Portend
    (por TEND) v.
    to warn of as an omen
  60. Gastronomy
    (ga STRON ah mee) n.
    the art of good eating
  61. Propinquity
    (proh PING kwi tee) n.
    proximity, nearness; kinship
  62. Cupidity
    (kyoo PID ih tee) n.
    excessive greed, especially for money
  63. Doff
    (dof) v.
    to take off
  64. Svelte
    (sfelt) adj.
    slim, slender
  65. Diurnal
    (dye UR nul) adj.
    occurring every day
  66. Squalid
    (SKWOL id) adj.
    dirty and wretched, as from poverty or lack of care
  67. Palliate
    (PAL ee ayt) v.
    to make seem less serious
  68. Inundate
    (IN un dayt) v.
    to overwhelm with abundance or excess
  69. Deprecate
    (DEP ri kayt) v.
    to express disapproval of
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