science 6 weeks test

  1. What is Newton's 1st law?
    an object at rest will stay at rest, an object will stay in motion unless acted apon by an unbalanced force
  2. What is Newton's 2nd Law?
    Law of acceleration. How force and mass affect acceleration
  3. What is Newton's 3rd Law?
    for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
  4. What are 4 types of friction?
    static, sliding, rolling, fluid visous
  5. What do the variables represent and what is their measurement?
    • f=ma
    • force- newtons 
    • mass- kg
    • acceleration- m/s2
  6. s=d/t?
    • speed- m/s, m/h, k/h, f/s
    • distance- miles, meters, feet, inches, cm
    • time- seconds, hours, minutes
  7. Write the formula 
    • average speed 
    • acceleration
    • as- total distance
    •       total time 
    • a- fv-fi
    •        t
  8. What is velocity?
    speed with a direction
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