history 6 weeks test

  1. Washington's presidency
    • whiskey rebellion
    • causes- debt from AR; Hamilton creates national bank; create whiskey tax to raise revenue 
    • effects- western farmer rebelled to the unpopular tax; sent in troops to enforce the law
  2. Washington's farewell address
    stay out of European affairs; don't form alliances
  3. Election of 1824
    • who won?
    • why and why was it called a corrupt bargain?
    • -John Adams won 
    • - Jackson didn't have a clear majority. Adams made a deal with Henry Clay and promised him secretory of state if he gave his electoral votes to Adams
  4. Election of 1828
    • Jackson won 
    • states got rid of property requirements to vote participation increased
  5. Eli Whitney and the Cotton Gin 
    • 1783 
    • How did it affect slavery?
    • led to faster production of cotton 
    • demand for cotton increased 
    • lead to the demand for slaves increasing
  6. Importance of Erie Canal
    • connected Great Lakes to the Atlantic 
    • increased trade, transportation, and factories
  7. Samuel Morse and the Telegraph 1844
    • positive effects? 
    • manifest destiny?
    • faster communication over long distances 
    • communication with people in the west easier
  8. Slavery and the Northern Economy
    • South provided Northern factories with raw materials like cotton  
    • textiles cotton factory 
    • wealth and factories increased in the North
  9. Free Enterprise 
    • how does it work?
    • what factories caused the Industrial revolution?
    • how did the IR change the ways people lived?
    • 1. individuals- buy and sell what they want; private ownership of business; creates competition; prices of goods go down 
    • government has minimal interference with economy 
    • 2. inventions; factory system; increase in immigrants and urbanism
    • 3. increase in transportation, communication, and production of goods
  10. US- Mexican War
    • causes- TX annexation; border dispute Mexico- Nueces River and US- Rio Grande River Manifest destiny 
    • Effects- gained land Mexican Cession; Rio Grande was the border
  11. Issues with TX annexation and US Mexican War
    • add another slave state; cause war with Mexico; TX- slave state CA- free state 
    • Compromise of 1850
  12. Indian Removal Act of 1830
    • Oklahoma Territory; west of MS. River 
    • Trail of Tears
  13. Worcester v. Georgia 
    • what was Jackson's reaction?
    • he ignored the SC ruling; Cherokees were forced off their land any way
  14. Economies in the US
    • North- factories, manufacturing, textile, steel
    • South- agriculture; plantation systems, cash crops
    • West- CA OR
    • mining for gold and silver
  15. Marbury v. Madison
    • judicial review
    • SC can determine if a law is constitutional
  16. Gibbons v. Ogden
    federal government has power over interstate commerce
  17. McCullough v. Maryland
    • states can't tax the national bank 
    • Supremacy Clause- Federalism- federal government is the supreme law of the land
  18. Monroe Doctrine
    • Europeans; stay out of western hemisphere 
    • can't retake old colonies or form new ones
  19. Manifest Destiny
    idea that it was US destiny to expand westward from Atlantic to the Pacific Coast
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