Forensic Psychology

  1. Daryl Atkins
    Low IQ: Intellectual Disability
  2. Dusky VS US
    Standard for competency: The defendant has to present sufficient ability to rationalize and understand information
  3. Moran (Godinez)
    if a defendant is competent to stand trail then they are able represent themselves in trial
  4. Cooper (VS Oklahoma)
    Preponderance of evidence becomes the standard for competency
  5. Adjudicative competence
    a consideration of the idea of competency of the defendant by the court and psychologist
  6. Psychological Assessments
    Penile/vaginal plethsymography, viewing time measures, polygraph
  7. Munstenburg
    Founder of psychology (William James)
  8. Burden of Proof
    • Beyond reasonable doubt (short of 99.9%)
    • Clear ans convincing proof (75%)
    • preponderance evidence (51%)
  9. Restoration of Competency
    • Education
    • Drug Treatment
    • Therapy
  10. Jackson (VS Indiana)
    People cannot be warehoused in jail until they are competent
  11. 41 APA Division of psychology
    psychology and law
  12. Sell vs US
    Drugs in order to restore competency
  13. Product Test
    an accused criminal is not criminally responsible for an unlawful act under the product of a mental disease or defect
  14. what is the fastest growing branch in psychology?
    Forensic psycology
  15. Addington (VS Texas)
    • civil commitment (someone can be incarcerated in a treatment placement without committing a crime)
    • clear and convincing truth
  16. Define Forensic
    relating to or denoting the application of scientific methods and techniques of crime
  17. The Middle Ground
    Guilty but mentally ill
  18. Cattell
    • First experiment of psychology
    • First professor
    • Colombia and UPenn
  19. jenkins
    every psychologist is a potential expert witness
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