CompTIA A+ part 1of 2 practice

  1. You are a technician that has been called to troubleshoot a computer that will not start up.  You notice, however, that a fan is still running.  What is the MOST likely the problem?

    * The main power cable to the motherboard is not seated properly.

    * The CMOS battery needs to be replaced.

    * The hard drive has failed.

    * The optical disc drives are not connected properly.
    • Answer: 
    • The main power cable to the motherboard is not seated properly
  2. Clients on a particular network are reporting that they have not been receiving e-mails since a new router was installed. You determine that it is a firewall issue. Which port is likely being blocked on the firewall?




    Answer: 110

    Notes:Port 110 is assigned by default to Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3). POP3 is used to retrieve e-mail from a server. It is often used in conjunction with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) which delivers the e-mails to the e-mail server.
  3. Match the IP addresses to the correct address type. (To answer, move the appropriate options to the appropriate targets on the right).

    Answer:PRIVATE [A, E, B] PUBLIC [F, D, C]

    • NOTE:
    • Private IP addresses are addresses that are used within an organization. These addresses cannot be used on the Internet. There are three ranges of private IP addresses that can be used:-
    • to
    • to
    • to
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