Dean's Cards

  1. We are much MORE ALIKE than different!
    Put effort in to finding SAMENESS instead of differences!
  2. It's NOT what you DO
    It's HOW you do it!
  3. Your well being is important!
    Your well being takes presidence over ALL THINGS!
  4. Just how important are you?
    Your impact E X T E N D S FAR GREATER than perceived!
  5. You are VALUED and are VALUABLE to many!
    SEE in yourself what others see in YOU!
  6. Are you the DAD you want to be?
    You are an amazing and loving DAD to Chris!
  7. It's enough!
    Your sole purpose is TO BE and THAT'S ENOUGH!
    Remember the countless blessings in your life!
  9. Be Loving!
    Be Lovable!
  10. You are excelling!
    Getting DOWN on self is NOT the answer!
  11. BE LOVE!
  12. Everything is the way it needs to be!
    It does not have to turn out EXACTLY as planned to work, or be successful!
  13. You are deserving!
    TRUST that you are enough and deserve love and the good things coming your way!
  14. Never EVER quit!
    There is not quit in our marriage and amazing life!
  15. You ARE perfect!
    Learn who AUTHENTIC Dean is, and LIVE IT!
  16. DAILY, remember to implement SELF CARE
    Honour your daily needs and requirements for happiness!
  17. Do not seek love!
    Seek to find all barriers within that build against LOVE!
  18. Put a stop to the pessimist inside!
    Eliminate negative words from your communication!
  19. Happiness is NOT a place!
    Happiness is a CHOICE!
  20. Don't force change, it's a vision!
    Picture your world in it's highest light, then change occurs.
  21. Respect self and others when differences arise.
    Winning an argument is NEVER the objective. The true goal is winning respect!
  22. You are not being targeted!
    SHED victim mentality!
  23. Jenn is your best friend!
    CHERISH the amazing gift of your friendship and marriage!
    Concentrate all intent of growth where is must begin, INSIDE!
  25. Compliment!
    Praise and give thanks to all!
  26. BE
    Intend that you are at peace within self!
    Don't act like you don't know what is going on because you are afraid of others who appear to be more powerful that self!
  28. Why is disempowering.
    WHAT is empowering!
  29. Fun is NOT defined as the absence of challenges.
    FUN is the absence of anger about challenges, small and big!
  30. You and those around you are perfect!
    Remove all conditions of love upon self and others!
  31. People around you are just as, if not more troubled than self!
    Disapproval or even approval of others DOES NOT MATTER!
  32. You are growing and thriving!
    I am moving towards ____________!
  33. Observe when you give you power away.
    Dean is a very powerful and influential person. Honour your inner feelings!
    Become more conscious of your thoughts and actions! Think about what's getting mirrored back in you.
  35. ACCEPT
    What you've done in the past is to be accepted and moved beyond. You were simply doing what you could do AT THAT TIME.
  36. Support life by refraining from opposing or harming anyone.
    I allow others to have their own experiences.
  37. I follow my own inner compass.
    Discard any beliefs that no longer serve me!
  38. Let go to allow room for all to come in!
    I trust and remain open to receive from both expected and unexpected sources for the Highest Good!
  39. I see good, say good and do good!
    I accept all gifts from my experiences and live in grace and gratitude!
  40. I am a magnificent being!
    I express myself with joy, smiling easily and laughing often!
  41. I live the creative process.
    I give direction to my life.
  42. I take action once intending and surrendering to allow good to come!
    I move towards fulfilling my desires and doing what I have been place upon earth to do.
  43. I practice love and always have enough to spare and share.
    I serve self and others and am available to help those who need it.
  44. I am deliberately learning to love, and that life is my teacher!
    My everyday experiences are the perfect lessons I need to move forward.
  45. Our job is not to worry about the "How".
    The "How" will show up out of the commitment and belief in the "what." -The Secret
  46. Your job is to give people back to themselves!
    Look for the best in everyone and show it to them! Describe & Admire it! Thank them for it!
  47. Make your decisions on what feels good! It attract more things that make you feel good!
    You can NEVER go wrong doing what feels GOOD!
  48. Simply, the reason there are things you want that have not yet
    appeared in your life, is because you're just not used to thinking of yourself with them.
    Sorry, it's not more complicated. Just keep practicing.
  49. As you try and work out "how" your desire will come about, you
    are actually pushing your desire away from you!
    May the joy be with you!
  50. If something OUTSIDE of you has you in knots...
    You are KNOT focusing in the right area, INSIDE of you!
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