ESWS Supply

  1. What does APL stand for and what kind of parts are APL
    • Allowance parts list
    • Repair parts/repairable
  2. What does AEL stand for and what kind of parts are AEL's
    • Allowance equipment list
    • Hand tools to perform maintenance
  3. What does COSAL stand for, who manages it and how many listings comprise it and what are they
    • Coordinated shipboard allowance list
    • MSC
    • Two (APL and AEL)
  4. What is DLR, what division manages DLR, how many types of DLR's and what are they?
    • Depot level repairable
    • S-6
    • Two (Surface and Air)
    Casualty report
  6. OPTAR
    Operating target
  7. What is NSN, how many digits and what is the first four digits?
    • National stock number
    • 13
    • FSC
  8. FSC
    Federal supply class
  9. What is NIIN and how many digits
    • National item identification number
    • 9
  10. CAGE
    Commercial and government entity
  11. ACR
    Allowance change request
  12. How many categories of hazmat (FATCOC)
    • 6
    • Flammable
    • Aerosols
    • Toxics
    • Corrosives
    • Oxidizer
    • Compressed gasses
  13. What is a 5A advice code
  14. What is a 5G advice code
    1 for 1 exchange
  15. What is a 5S advice code
    Remain in place
  16. What does BA status code mean
    In process for shipment
  17. What does BB status code mean
  18. What does BD status code mean
  19. What does BM status code mean
    Referred to another activity
  20. What does BQ status code mean
    Cancelled at requisitioners request
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