Hist201g test 1

  1. Jamestown, 1619
    First permanent English settlement in the Americas. First Africans in an English colony.
  2. Pacific Northwest
    Salish, WallaWalla, Haida
  3. Coureus Des Bois
    French hunters and trapers
  4. Great Baisen
    Shoshone, Ute. had Cultural simplicity
  5. A. Hutchenson
    Antinomanism (lawbreaker)
  6. A. A. Copper
    Founder of Carolina
  7. J. Winthrope
    Massachusetts, established a theocracy
  8. Maryland
    Founded by C. Calvert, haven for English Catholics.
  9. The Plains
    Equestrian Revolution
  10. Mogollon (muggy-own)
    Southern NM and west Texas, Gila cliff dwellings
  11. J. Oglethorpe
    Founder of Georgia
  12. P. Cabral
    Causes Portugal to claim Brazil
  13. J. DeOnate
    Find gold and silver and colonize the north, first governor of NM in San Gabriel
  14. C. Columbus
    The enterprise of the Indies
  15. H. Cortes
    Defeated the Aztec
  16. F. Pizarro
    Conquer the Inca
  17. J. Rolfe
    Develops tobacco as the cash crop of Jamestown
  18. V. DeGama
    causes Portugal to claim India
  19. R. LaSalle
    Claim Louisiana for France
  20. Beringia
    The land bridge connecting NA to Aisa
  21. Pocahontas
    Saved Jamestown during starving time
  22. W. Bradford
    Governor of Plymouth, leader of pilgrims
  23. S. DeChamplain
    Establish the first french settlement of Quebec
  24. F. Magellan / J. DelCano
    First Europeans to sail around the world
  25. W. P. Webb
    The Great Frontier
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