ATI remediation 2

  1. Buspirone
    • "BuSpar" ~ antianxiety
    • Used for Panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, Obsessive-compulsive, and trauma stress disorders such as PTSD
  2. Adverse effects of buspirone
    • dizziness
    • nausea
    • HA
    • lightheadedness
    • agitation
    • *advise to take food to reduce nausea
  3. Contraindications/precautions with buspirone
    • Preg risk Category B
    • Not recommended during breastfeeding
    • Use with caution in older adults and pt's with liver and renal dysfunction
    • Can't use with MAOI due to hypertensive crisis
  4. Lorazepam
    • "Ativan" ~ is a benzodiazepine
    • Relief of anxiety occurs rapidly following administration
  5. Therapeutic uses for Lorazepam
    • Generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder
    • Other uses:
    • seizure disorders
    • insomnia
    • muscle spasm
    • alcohol withdrawl
    • induction of anestesia
  6. Adverse effects of Lorazepam (benzo's)
    • CNS depression (sedation, etc.)
    • Anterograde amnesia (difficulty recalling)
    • Paradoxical response (insomnia, excitation, euphoria, rage)
    • Manifestations of withdrawal include anxiety, insomnia, diaphoresis, tremors
  7. Contraindications/Precautions of Lorazepam
    • Preg risk Cat D
    • Contraindicated in pt w sleep apnea, respiratory ┬ádepression, and/or glaucoma
    • Use cautiously in pt's with liver disease or hx of mental illness or substance abuse
  8. Theophylline
    • Med for respiratory system
    • causes bronchodilation
    • Long term control of asthma and COPD
    • Once first-line med for asthma, now used infrequently cause newer meds are safer and more effective
  9. Theophylline toxicity
    • Monitor serum levels to keep within therapeutic ranges (5-15 mcg/mL)
    • Adverse effects are unlikely to occur at less than 20 mcg/mL
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