The Christian Home Mid-Term

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    What is the definition of the word "pattern" as given in the study guide?
    That which is designed as a model for makign things; that which is to be copied or imitated.
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    What are five keys to being submissive?
    • 1. Be humble and admit your mistakes
    • 2. Be not anxious about anything
    • 3. Be responsible and self-controlled
    • 4. Be resistant to temptation
    • 5. Be willing to be patient and suffer for the cause of Christ
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    Give three types of marriage relationships. Indicate which is the proper one.
    • 1. Father-dominant
    • 2. Mother-dominant
    • 3. Father-led
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    Describe what is present when a man feels masculine.
    A man feels masculine when he knows that his wife supports him, respects him, puts him on a pedestal, and thinks positively of him.
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    Describe three things that are present when a woman feels feminine.
    • 1. A sense of belonging
    • 2. An intimate relationship with her husband and he validates her thinking.
    • 3. Her husband loves and cares for her unconditionally.
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    List three myths that can affect marriage in an adverse manner.
    • 1. Marriage guarantees perfect joy
    • 2. Marriage is a totally fulfilling relationship
    • 3. Marriage is for everyone
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    Give a brief explanation of the "Agape Principle."
    It requires of us that we love our neighbor regardless of what he/she believes or how he/she behaves towards us.
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    In Galatians 6:2, 5 Paul encourages us to help bear other's burdens (baros) and at the same time carry our own load (phortion). Illustrate this principle using a diagram.
    Draw a boulder versus a lunch sack.
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    Solomon stats, "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it" (Proverbs 22:6). The word "old" literally means "_________."
    "Hair on the chin"
  10. In the book "Boundaries," Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsed state what the purpose of boundaries are. What is the purpose of boundaries?
    Boundaries allow people to accept responsibility for their own behavior.
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    Name the two kinds of personalities in a dysfunctional family.
    • 1. Dominant male
    • 2. Dominant female
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    Research shows that people between what ages internalize their behavior?
    17 to 20
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    Before marriage, opposites ______. After marriage, opposites ______.

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    Most marriage counselors know that most major problems in marriage involve issues of ____________.
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    Boundaries allow people to accept responsibility for their own _____________.
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    The lesson aim listed three qualities that a husband will provide when he is leading the family in a spiritual manner. List these three qualities.
    • 1. Security
    • 2. Love
    • 3. Commitment
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    Christ gives us the model of a godly leader in John 13:1-5. In your own words, give a definition of what it means to be a "servant leader."
    Consider the needs of others under your authority before your own.
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    A servant's style of leadership is more _______ than positional.
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    The Bible implores men to _______ their wives as their own body and that wives should _________ their husbands (Ephesians 5:22, 23; Colossians 3:18, 19).

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    In Ephesians 5:23-29 Paul instructs husbands to love and be the head of the wife. Draw a diagram that illustrates this concept.
    • Christ head of church, motivated by love
    • Husband head of wife, motivated by love
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    Contrast the two views of love held by men and women.
    1. Husbands associate erotic love with behavior as being aggressive, gallant, and masculine.

    2. Women equate lovemaking with such behaviors as being charming, romantic, intimate, and desirable.
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    What should be the husband's goal in marriage?
    Becoming gentle, loving, and tenderhearted.
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    Define "validating."
    Not agreeing with someone's feelings, but recognizing them as valid to that person.
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    What is the one word in Ephesians 5:22-33 that summarizes the wife's responsibility to the husband? Give a biblical definition of this word (Compare also 1 Peter 3:1 and 1 Timothy 2:9-12).

    To respect, to obey, to be quiet and gentle.
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    What do the words "as unto the Lord" in Ephesians 5:22 suggest about the wife's submission?
    Her first allegiance is to the Lord. She should not disobey God under any circumstance.
  26. 4-3 According to Ephesians 5:24, how extensive should a woman's submission be?
    In everything.
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    List the Five Love Languages and give an example of each one.
    • 1. Affirming words: A person feels most loved when they receive verbal affirmation.
    • 2. Quality time: This is the undivided attention or "focused time" that is shared between partners.
    • 3. Giving/receiving gifts: These are symbols of love and have emotional value.
    • 4. Acts of service: This is a person who loves to do things for you - things that require thought, planning, effort and energy.
    • 5. Physical touch: This is the physical contact that expresses that "I love you" like holding hands and hugging.
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    True or False
    1. Submission is a concept for all believers, not just for women.
    2. When a wife submits to her husband, then she is free to become all that God intended her to become.
    3. Submission means the wife is inferior to her husband.
    4. The woman will allow her abilities to become dormant.
    5. Submission means the wife can give her opinion and advice.
    • 1. True
    • 2. True
    • 3. False
    • 4. False
    • 5. True
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    Give one example of an "I" statement that a wife can use to express her feelings to her husband.
    I feel angry when you are late.
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    What is a good definition of boundaries as described in this lesson?
    A boundary denotes a property line, the beginning and end of something.
  31. 5-2 List four ungodly forces that can affect a marriage.
    • 1. Affluence
    • 2. Easy credit
    • 3. Disposability
    • 4. Pursuit of pleasure
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    There are four biblical principles given in this lesson that can help couples remain faithful. List the principles and give a scriptural reference for each one.
    • 1. No conflict is unsolvable - Philippians 2:12, 13
    • 2. Persistence pays off - Romans 8:28
    • 3. God demands unselfish commitment - Philippians 2:1-5
    • 4. Commitment glorifies God - 1 Corinthians 10:31
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    Match the following
    1. Regularly rehearse
    2. Take
    3. Clear
    4. Guard
    5. Monitor
    6. Safeguard
    7. Deal with subtle signs
    8. Back
    9. Hold
    10. Recognize that anyone
    • Recognize that anyone - Can commit sexual sin
    • Monitor - Your spiritual pulse
    • Safeguard - Your marriage
    • Take - Precautions
    • Deal with subtle signs - Of sexual attraction
    • Back - Off early
    • Clear - Cloudy thoughts
    • Hold - Yourself accountable
    • Guard - Your mind
    • Regularly rehearse - The consequences
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    How does divorce affect children throughout their lives?
    They continue to suffer emotional repercussions making it difficult for them to weather the challenges of early childhood and adolescence, and increased likelihood of problems.
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    Fill in the blank
    1. Partnership is more important than ______
    2. A radiant ______ is necessary for the right marriage example.
    3. Marriage is ______ while day-to-day parenthood is only ______.
    • 1. Parenthood
    • 2. parntership
    • 3. permanent, temporary
  36. 6-1

    Our lesson aim states the purpose of parenting. What is the main purpose of parenting?
    To build a child's life for now and all of eternity.
  37. 2. What are the five rules needed to discipline a child?
    • 1. As parents, agree on the forms of discipline you will use together.
    • 2. Be consistent.
    • 3. Be willing to accept the child while not condoning the behavior.
    • 4. Be sure that expectations of the child are understood and realistic.
    • 5. Discipline should shape the will without damaging the spirit.
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    List three ways that non-abusive spanking is most effective.
    • 1. It should be used as only the "last resort."
    • 2. The parent should use self-control when spanking.
    • 3. It is reserved for willful acts of defiance.
    • 4. It is administered in private (not on the face).
    • 5. It is always followed by love and acceptance.
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    Give two results that good parenting has on building character in a child.
    • 1. They will be prepared for the future.
    • 2. They will not depart from the way that they should go.
    • 3. They will have inner strength
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    Give a short definition of unconditional love.
    When a parent loves the child regardless of what the child does.
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