Social Studies Ch. 15 - 1

  1. An exaggerated loyalty to a particular region of the country
  2. Political party formed by antislavery Democrats and Whigs; "Free Soil, Free Speech, Free Labor and Free Men"
    Free-Soil Party
  3. To break away or withdraw
  4. -Part of the Compromise of 1850
    • -Increased the federal government obligation to capture and return runaway slaves to the South, even if slaves had made it to the North
    • Fugitive Slave Act
  5. -Supreme Court case; Dred Scott sued for his freedom since his master had died and he had lived in a free state
    • -Court ruled that African-Americans had no right to sue as they were not "citizens"
    • Scott v. Sanford
  6. Allowing the citizens to decide
    Popular sovereignty
  7. -Repealed the Missouri Compromise
    • -Allowed for popular sovereignty when it came to decide the issue of slavery in Kansas and Nebraska
    • Kansas-Nebraska Act
  8. -Abolitionist
    • -Led Pottawatomie Creek Massacre
    • -Hanged after he attempted to raid the arsenal at Harpers Ferry
    • John Brown
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