PrevMed1- Import and Export

  1. What are the agencies involved in import and export of animals? (7)
    • USDA Agricultural Marketing Service
    • FDA
    • US Fish and Wildlife Service
    • CDC
    • US Dept of Transportation
  2. Why are there agencies responsible for regulating import and export of animals, animal products, etc? (4)
    • prevent human and animal disease
    • ensure animal welfare
    • ensure food safety and security
    • protect the US economy
  3. What agency is in charge of overseeing the import of live birds and eggs for hatching?
  4. What agency is in charge of overseeing import of raw eggs free of the shell?
  5. What are regulations for importing live birds and eggs for hatching? (4)
    • entry banned from some countries d/t endemic diseases there
    • 30 days quarantine on arrival for live birds
    • mandatory testing for specific diseases
    • health cert from country of export
  6. What are import regs for raw eggs free of shell? (2)
    • must have inspection equiv to FSIS
    • may be restricted based on exporting country's disease status
  7. What agencies oversee import of shelled eggs for consumption? (3)
  8. What are regs for import of shelled eggs for consumption? (2)
    • FDA ensures farms and facilities meet US requirements and comply with preventative regs
    • AMS manages permits, enforces requirements for transport and refrig, labelling
  9. What agency oversees import of chicken soup and animal foods or treats?
  10. What does US Fish and Wildlife Service oversee? (3)
    • live wildlife and many exotics for pet trade (non-poultry birds, sakes, lizards, marine mammals)
    • shellfish, fishery products
    • wildlife products (even souvenirs)
  11. What does the CDC oversee? (4)
    • infectious biological agents or substances
    • vectors of human disease
    • select biologic or toxic agents
    • animals and animal products capable of causing human disease (pet dogs and cats, african rodents, turtles, primates, civets)
  12. What does USDA-APHIS oversee?
    • facilitating international trade
    • monitors health of animals presented at the border
    • regulating import and export of animals, animal products, and biologics
    • import infectious agents of livestock and biological materials containing animal material
  13. What regs do you need to meet from the USDA-APHIS to import animals/ animal products? (5)
    • permit to enter US
    • veterinary health cert 
    • proof of specific vaccinations or neg diagnostic tests
    • may require quarantine period
    • may be refused if displaying signs of illness at the border
  14. What are USDA-APHIS import requirements for dogs and cats?
    • Dogs: if entering from country with screwworm, must have health cert from 5 days prior to transport, dogs from certain countries and intended to work with livestock must be quarantined and negative for tapeworms
    • Cats: none
  15. What are CDC import requirements for dogs? (4)
    • no health cert
    • subject to inspection at port of entry and can be denied if evidence of infectious disease
    • valid rabies cert- vaccinated at least 30d prior
    • puppies <4 months and dogs not vaccinated may be admitted if importer completes confinement agreement
  16. What agency oversees international export of livestock and pets?
  17. What agency oversees interstate transport of pets, livestock, birds/exotics, animals moved in commerce, and animals moved for exhibition?
    state department of agriculture
  18. Who oversees interstate transportation of wildlife?
    state department of natural resources/ wildlife
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