study questions presidents for Leaman jr high

  1. What's up?
  2. Washington: 1st President
    • Challenges solved
    • creates cabinet
    • Judiciary Act of 1789
    • debt(Hamilton's Plan) creates national bank to improve economy
    • enforcing laws( whiskey)
  3. Rise of Political Parties
    • Democratic/Republican
    • -Thomas Jefferson
    • Federalist
    • -Alexander Hamilton
  4. Whiskey Rebellion
    Revolt by farmers due to tax on whiskey
  5. Proclamation of Neutrality
    • Out of French Revolution
    • stay out of European conflicts
  6. Jay's Treaty
    Avert war with Britain and promote trade with Britain
  7. Pickney's Treaty
    Settle U.S. borders with Spain
  8. Farewell Address
    • don't form alliances
    • don't form political parties
  9. John Adams: 2nd President
    • Challenges
    • Dispute with France
    • France saw Jay's Treaty as aid to Britain
    • France's impressment
  10. XYZ Affair
    • Adams sends diplomats to resolve dispute
    • France doesn't meet; instead, send 3 agents for bride and loan
    • Adams upset and ask Congress for war
  11. Alien and Sedition Acts
    • Public outraged
    • Allow president to imprison or deport aliens
  12. Virginia-Kentucky Resolution
    • Deemed Alien and Sedition unconstitutional
    • Usage of states' rights
  13. Marbury vs. Madison
    Judicial Review
  14. Thomas Jefferson- 3rd President
    • Revolution of 1800
    • change of political parties
    • reduce debt
  15. Louisiana Purchase (1803)
    • $15 million
    • double size of US
    • didn't have power to buy
    • control of MS and NO port
    • MS river to Rocky MT
  16. Lewis and Clark Expedition
    • led by Sacajawea
    • all-water route from Missouri river to Pacific Ocean
    • Scientific data
  17. Chesapeake-Leopard Affair
    British ship fires on US ship
  18. Embargo Act of 1807
    • Banned trade with all Europe
    • Devastated US economy
    • lift by non-intercourse act of 1809. only no trade with Europe and Britain
    • trying to avoid war with Britain
  19. James Madison- 4th President
    • Causes of the war of 1812
    • British impressment of US sailors
    • Aid Indians on US frontier Britain gave weapons to fight US
    • US wants to claim Canada
    • War Hawks call for war with leaders Henry Clay and John Calhoun
  20. end of war
    • Treaty of Ghent : neither side gains new land
    • border of Canada established
    • 1 party dominated federalists
    • advanced tech
  21. James Monroe 5th president
    • Monroe Doctrine
    • Told Europeans to keep their hands off the Western Hemisphere
  22. tariffs
    • import- taxed foreign goods, encouraged Americans to buy northern textiles
    • (helped northern economy)

    canals in North improved trade and transport
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