Technology Y11

  1. What are the 3 types of files
    • Flat
    • Round
    • Half Round
  2. What is used to cut curves in wood/plastic?
    coping saw
  3. what is used to cut straight lines in wood?
    tenon saw
  4. What is used to cut straight lines in metal/plastic
  5. What are the filing techniques?
    • Cross filing
    • Draw filing
  6. What is cross filing used for
    removing waste material
  7. what is draw filing used for
    to finish a material as it gives a smoother cut
  8. What is a chisel used for?
    for removing small amounts of waste wood, often between two joints
  9. List the permanent methods of joining
    • Riveting
    • Soft soldering
    • Brazing
    • Mig Welding
  10. List 5 adhesives
    • PVA
    • Contact adhesive
    • araldite
    • tensol
    • superglue
  11. List semi permanent joining methods
    • wood screws
    • nails
    • nuts, washers and bolts
  12. What temperature does solder melt?
    around 200 degrees
  13. Name production methods
    • wasting
    • fabrication
  14. What is a template used for?
    used repetitively to reproduce any number of identical shapes, they are used for all metals
  15. What is a jig used for
    to help produce more accurate angles
  16. How would excess metal be removed
  17. give examples of pneumatics in every day life
    • Tyres
    • Road drills
    • Dentist drills
  18. What do the 3 and 2 mean in 3/2 valve
    • 3 ports
    • 2 positions (on and off)
  19. Name 4 actuators
    • Roller trip
    • Plunger
    • Lever
    • Push button
  20. What is a benefit for AND logic
    safety, if a button is accidentally pressed the circuit will not start
  21. What shapes are start and stop boxes
    curved sides
  22. what shapes are statement boxes
  23. what shapes are wait boxes
    curved corners
  24. what shape are decision boxes
  25. LDR in Dark
    • High resistance
    • Voltage out- 0.7V or above
    • Transister- on
    • Bulb turns on
  26. LDR in Light
    • Low resistance
    • Voltage out- less than 0.7
    • Transister- off
    • Bulb turns off
  27. If the LDR is on the bottom, is it light or dark?
  28. what is the input leg of a transistor?
    the base leg
  29. How can you protect a transister?
    use a resistor
  30. What is a conductor
    a material with a structure that allows electrons to move freely
  31. What is an insulator
    a material that doesn't have free electrons as the electrons cannot move
  32. What is a semiconductor
    a material that has conductivity somewhere between a conductor and insulator.
  33. How can an LED be protected from excess voltage
    a fixed resistor
  34. What is a battery
    a cell that converts chemical energy into electrical energy
  35. Resistor
    provides resistance to the flow of electrons
  36. variable resistor
    an adjustable resistor used to increase od recrease the amount of resistance to the flow of electrons
  37. softwoods
    come from trees that usually have needle like leaves (coniferous trees)
  38. 2 types of softwood
    pine and redwood
  39. hardwoods
    • slow growing and are more expensive than soft woods
    • broad leaf trees and are deciduous
  40. two types of hardwood
    • mahogany¬†
    • beech
  41. man made board
    made from waste materials
  42. 2 man made boards
    • MDF
    • Chipboard
  43. ferrous metals
    generally tend to corrode
  44. non ferrous metals
    do not corrode
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