Anatomy I

  1. Define Anatomy
    Human Body Structure
  2. Define Biology
    Study of all living things
  3. Define Botany
    Study of plant life
  4. Define Embrology
    Human anatomy BEFORE birth.
  5. Define Gross Anatomy
    Anatomy with naked eye
  6. Define Histology
    Anatomy with microscope
  7. Define Macroscopic Anatomy
    Anatomy with naked eye
  8. Define Microscopic Anatomy
    Anatomy with microscope
  9. Define Morbid Anatomy
    Anatomy affected by disease.
  10. Define Pathological Anatomy
    Anatomy affected by disease
  11. Define Phisiology
    Human body function
  12. Define Regional Anatomy
    Anatomy one area of the body at a time
  13. Define Surface Anatomy
    Anatomy from the outside
  14. Define Systematic Anatomy
    Anatomy one system at a time
  15. Define Topographical Anatomy
    Anatomy from the outside
  16. Define Zoology
    Study of animal life
  17. List 10 Characteristics of Life (Or Living Things)
    • 1. Movement- Ability to change position 6. Digestion- Breakdown of foods into simpler forms
    • 2. Responsiveness- Reaction to changes 7. Absorption- Passage of digested foods into body fluid
    • 3. Growth- Increase in size 8. Circulation-Movement of body fluids from place to place
    • 4. Reproduction- Production of new organisms 9. Assimilation- Changing of absorbed substances into other forms
    • 5. Respiration- Breathing 10. Excretion- Removal of wastes from the body
  18. Define Cell
    Basic unit of structure and function in the human body
  19. Define Chemical Level
    Atoms, Molecules, and Protoplasm
  20. Define Organ
    A group of different tissues arranged for the performance of a particular function
  21. Define Organism
    A group of different systems arranged to make-up the complete body.
  22. Define System
    A group of different organs arranged for the performance of a particular function
  23. Define Tissue
    A group of similar cells arranged for the performance of a particular function
  24. Describe Integumentary System
    The Skin
  25. Describe the Circulatory System
    The heart, vessels, blood and lymph including Lymphatic System
  26. Describe the Skeletal System
    The Bones
  27. Describe the Muscular System
    The Muscles
  28. Describe the Nervous System
    The brain, spinal cord and nerves
  29. Describe the Endocrine System
    The ductless glands
  30. Describe the Digestive System
    The alimentary canal
  31. Describe the Respiratory System
    The lungs, nose, breathing
  32. Describe the Urinary System
    The kidneys, bladder, and ducts or Excretory System
  33. Describe the Reproductive System
    The sex glands and structures
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