Perdiatrics Growth and Development infant hesi

  1. Birth weight doubles by
    6 months
  2. Birth Wt. Triples by?
    12 months
  3. Birth Length increases by 50%
    @ 12 Mo.
  4. Posterior Fontanel colses at?
    8 wks
  5. Social smile age
    2 mo.
  6. head turns to locate sounds at?
    3 mo
  7. Moro Reflex
    Startle reflex-  nurse lifts the baby completely off the bed while supporting the head and the neck, and then the nurse lowers the baby rapidly -bilateral abduction of arms, extension of forearms, and full opening of hands. This is then followed by slow return of hands towards the midline and then followed by curling of the fingers.
  8. Steady head control @
    4 mo.
  9. Rolls over @
    5-6 mo
  10. plays peek a boo
    6 or later
  11. transfers object from hand to hand
  12. Sits unsupported
  13. crawls
    10 mo
  14. fine pincher grasp
  15. Waves Bye bye
    10 mo
  16. walks w/ assistance
    10-12 mo
  17. hass a few words mama dada
    12 mo
  18. before 1 yr.
    explores environment by motor and oral means
  19. erikson stage before 1 yr
    trust vs. mistrust 1st stage
  20. when infant is in the hospital
    new skills may dissapear
  21. infant
    up to 12 mo
  22. may be inconsolabe y?
    separation anxiety
  23. teaching at family but....
    talk to infant during procedure also
  24. toys for infants in hospital
    toys, pic book, balls, colored blocks, activity boxes
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Perdiatrics Growth and Development infant hesi
Perdiatrics Growth and Development infant hesi