History 19 20 21

  1. what inventions has had the most profound effect upon modern society
    incandescent electric light bulb
  2. what happened between 1880-1900
    great age of British Imperialism
  3. what made Canada a self governing common wealth in 1867
    British North American Act
  4. what rebellion took place in India
    Sepoy Rebellion
  5. first independent African republic
  6. what were the two Boar republics
    • Transvaal
    • Orange Free State
  7. Who won the Boar War
    Great Britain
  8. who joined the Quintuple Alliance in 1818
  9. Issued by U.S. in 1823 warning European powers not to interfere in Latin America
    Monroe Doctrine
  10. who attempted to redraw the map of Europe
    The Congress of Vienna
  11. What alliance did Alexander I form to promote justice, Christian charity, and peace
    Holy Alliance
  12. What war was fought to stoop Russia's attempt to dominate Turkey
    Crimean War
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