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  1. What is the definition of isolation?
    The definition is the amount of the Sun's energy that reaches Earth at a given place and time.
  2. the air that surrounds Earth
  3. the troposphere is...
    the layer closest to the Earths surface
  4. what is air pressure?
    • the force put on a given area by the weight
    • of the air above it
  5. what is weather?
    weather is the state of the atmosphere or temperature
  6. what do you measure air pressure with........
    a barometer
  7. water as gas
    water vapor
  8. humidity
    • the amount of water
    • in the air
  9. evaporation
    the changing of a liquid into a gas
  10. condensatoin
    • the changi
    • ng of a gas into a liquid
  11. relative humidity
    the amount of water vapor present in the air expressed as a percentage
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