1. area directly over the stage. roughly 2.5 times the height of the proscenium arch. contains the grid.
    the fly loft
  2. a platform to hold some of the equipment used to fly scenery
    the grid
  3. equipment behind the theory of theatrical flying
    • rope
    • pulley
  4. what is the theory of theatrical flying based on
    • counter balance
    • mechanical advantage
  5. placing the two ends of your system in equilibrium
    counter balance
  6. measure of the force amplification achieved by using a tool, mechanical device or machine system
    mechanical advantage
  7. simple way of flying scenery
    • a pulley is attached to the grid
    • a rope is fed through the pulley and attached to the scenery
    • a stage hand pulls the other end of the rope and lifts the scenery
    • if it is too heavy a counterbalance is added (sandbag) to assist the stagehand
  8. what are the problems with simple way to fly scenery?
    • unbalanced scenery
    • stagehand on stage
    • stagehand stuck on stage
    • scenery unable to be tied off
  9. batten pipe several feet longer than the opening of the proscenium arch
    • attached to three to five pick lines
    • lines are tied off to the pin rail
    • fly gallery generally 15-20 feet above the height of stage deck so stagehands get clear view of the stage
    • rope set system
  10. what's wrong with the rope set system?
    • archaic and dangerous
    • ropes and sandbags are under constant strain, stress, and deterioration
    • the manila rope (abaca) is relative of the banana tree
    • has to be raised to the high trim before it can be weighted
    • has to be slightly scenery heavy at all times
  11. battens- steel cable has replaced the rope
    • there is a counter weight arbor
    • stage weights are loaded onto the arbor to counterweight the weight of the scenery
    • counter weight system
  12. how to load a batten
    • bring the batten to the stage deck. the arbor, preloaded with pipe weight will go up to the loading rail.
    • attach the scenery or lights to the batten.
    • load the counter weight on the arbor
    • slowly release the break and test the weight of the arbor and scenery or lights
  13. rules of counter weight system
    • stand clear of the area under the loading rail while weight is being loaded and unloaded
    • don't stack counterweight over the lip of the loading rail
    • don't carry anything except the tools you are using to the grid, catwalk, loading rail
    • inspect all flying hardware and repair or replace any defective gear
    • bolt all the hardware supporting the flown units
    • attach the scenery before loading counterweights
  14. pipe used for rigging
  15. one of three to five to lift batten in fly system
    lift line
  16. attached to grid, redirects the lift line from the deck to the side of the stage house
    loft blocks
  17. supports wire rope over a long run from the loft block to the head block
    idler pulley
  18. redirects the lift line down to the arbor in a counterweight system or pin rail in a hemp system
    head block
  19. in a hemp system the battens are operated from here, the lines are secured to a removable pin
    pin rail
  20. rail through which all the line sets pass in a counter weight system
    lock rail
  21. in a counterweight system, weight is loaded onto the arbor. a hand line (operating line) is tied to the top of the arbor, through the head block down to the lock rail, through a rope lock, around a tension pulley on the floor and back up the arbor where it is secured to the bottom
  22. operating line for the counterweight system
    hand line
  23. lock for securing the hand line of the counterweight system, about 50 pounds, keeps arbor/batten from moving
    rope lock
  24. pulley secured to the bottom of the counter weight system
    tension pulley
  25. natural fiber rope ideal for lifting and a variety of uses. not perfect, hidden flaws, degrades over time
  26. rope that is synthetic
    • strong
    • flame resistant
    • resists stretching
    • exceptional construction
    • expensive
    • parallel core polyester rope
  27. braided polyester rope
    • twice the strength of manila
    • tougher, easier to read damage
    • no natural deterioration
    • 3 strand polyester
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