Iatra study questions

  1. An aeroplane may not be left with an engine running unless:
    A person competent to control the aircraft is seated in the pilot seat
  2. When flying in a commuter operation, a PPC is valid (without extension) for __ and can be extended by __ months if it is renewed within the last 90 days of its validity period.
    To the first day of the thirteenth month following the month in which the PPC was completed, 12 months
  3. An LF/MF airway has a width of __ either side of centerline up to __from the navigation aid and then widens with a splay angle of __ beyond the point where the splay intersects the basic width
    4.34 nm, 49.66 nm, 5°
  4. If intercepted by a military aircraft, your actions should be to:
    Follow instructions, respond to signals, if possible notify the appropriate ATSU, attempt to establish radio communication with the intercepting aircraft on 121.5 MHz and squawk Mode A 7700 on the transponder (if so equipped)
  5. Responsibilities of the Chief Pilot would normally include:  

    C) Developing SOPs
  6. When a PPC has lapsed for more than __ months the initial requirements of the PPC must be complied with.
    24 months
  7. You are flying in the Standard Pressure Region at FL 310. Your descent for landing within the Standard Pressure Region requires you to descend to 10,000' and hold at the IAF. The altimeter should be set to the current altimeter setting of the aerodrome:  

    A) Just prior to commencing descent from 10,000'
  8. Safe movement of passengers to and from the aeroplane is the responsibility of:
    Air Operator
  9. When taking off from an aerodrome located in the Standard Pressure Region and climbing to cruising altitude/level within the Standard Pressure Region, the altimeter be set to what when taking off and what when leveling off at cruise?
    Set to the airport altimeter setting and left at this value until just prior to leveling off at the target altitude
  10. Imagine that you are planning a VFR flight that will be within or into the ADIZ. This type of flight will require:  

    B) A Defense Flight Plan or Defense Flight Itinerary to be filed
  11. Which of the following actions is NOT required if you are intercepted in the air?  

    C) Squawk 7500 mode A
  12. A low level airway is __ airspace and extends from __ AGL to up to __.  

    D) Controlled, 2,200 ft, but not including 18,000ft
  13. A control zone normally has a __nm radius and the normal vertical extent is up to __ AAE:  

    B) 7, 3000ft
  14. A low level air-route is __ airspace and extends from _ up to __:  

    D) Class G, the surface of the earth, but not including 18,000 ft
  15. The maximum allowable speed within 10 nm of a controlled airport is __ when below 3000 ft AGL:  

    A) 200 KIAS
  16. The maximum allowable speed below 10,000 ft ASL is:  

    B) 250 KIAS
  17. A reportable accident is an accident resulting directly from the operation of an aircraft where __:  

    D) Any of the above
  18. In a commercial air carrier operation, high altitude training is required:  

    D) All off the above
  19. In order to be a flight crew member on an aircraft engaged in providing a commercial air service the pilot must have completed __ takeoffs and __ landings in the last __:  

    D) 3, 3, 90 days
  20. Without authorization in the air operator certificate and/or without a rest period, a flight crew member's flight duty time is restricted to a maximum of __ hours in any 24 consecutive hours:  

    C) 14 consecutive hours
  21. A flight crew member with an airline operation requires __ rest period/s of at least 36 consecutive hours within each period of __ consecutive days:  

    A) 1, 7
  22. The term "flight crew member on reserve" means a flight crew member who has been designated by an air operator to be available to report for flight duty on notice of:  

    D) More than 1 hour
  23. Where flight duty time includes a scheduled rest period (split duty day), the flight duty time may be extended beyond the maximum flight duty time by __ if the flight crew member is provided a minimum of 4 consecutive hours of uninterrupted rest time:  

    A) One half the length of the rest period up to a maximum of 3 hours
  24. The term "flight crew member on standby" means a flight crew member who has been designated by an air operator __:  

    A) To remain at a specified location and be available to report for duty in one hour or less
  25. If a flight crew member is required to travel for the purpose of positioning:  

    C) If the time for positioning is required after completion of a flight and is in excess of the flight crew member's maximum duty time then an additional rest period at least equal to half of the time spent traveling is required
  26. Who is responsible within a commercial air service operation to ensure that the flight duty time limits are not exceeded?  

    D) All of the above
  27. A heavy aeroplane has just departed at an airport with radar surveillance. You are next to depart from an intersection on the same runway in an aeroplane with a MCTOW of 6,850lbs. Under these conditions:  

    A) You will be provided with 6 miles of separation which you will not be able to waive
  28. Imagine that you are flying VFR and approaching an airport where an MF is in use. Radio contact must be established wherever possible at least __:  

    C) 5 minutes prior to entering the MF area
  29. What is the minimum visibility for flying SVFR in a control zone?  

    C) 1 sm
  30. When establishing air routes in uncontrolled airspace, commercial air carriers are required to establish a MOCA for such routes which meets the following requirements:  

    D) For IFR flights, a minimum altitude of 2000 ft above the highest obstacle located within 10 miles from the centerline of the route
  31. The dimensions and boundaries of the ADIZ will be found in:  

    C) DAH
  32. When an aircraft is on a defense flight plan, the pilot in command shall revise the estimated time and point of entry into the ADIZ should the time and point of entry change by:  

    B)  ± 5 minutes, 20 miles
  33. In a commuter or an airline operaiton, if SOPs are required, then copies of the SOPs are required to be:  

    B) Carried on board each aircraft
  34. Which of the following is NOT controlled airspace:  

    B) Low level air routes
  35. Transponder airspace is:  

    D) A & C above
  36. With respect to safety belts, which of the following is FALSE:  

    A) Flight crew members on an aircraft shall be seated at their stations with their safety belts fastened during taxi, take-off and landing
  37. A LF airway increases in width __ from the station:  

    A) 49.66 nm
  38. A large aircraft is classified as an aircraft with a MCTOW of:  

    D) Greater than 12,566lbs
  39. Choose the most correct statement regarding alcohol consumption and acting as a crew member on board an aircraft:  

    B) You may not act as a crew member of an aircraft while under the influence of alcohol nor within 8 hours of consuming alcohol
  40. Following an accident, you may move the aircraft or components thereof in order to:  

    A) To extricate a person and prevent damage by fire
  41. A reportable accident is an accident resulting directly from the operation of an aircraft where __:  

    D) Any of the above
  42. You are cleared by ATC to "land and hold short" of an intersecting runway. You are not sure of your ability to land and hold short within the available distance. You should:  

    B) Immediately advise ATC of non acceptance of the clearance as it is the pilot's responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient runway to enable the pilot to stop the aircraft 200 ft short of the intersecting runway
  43. What entries are required on the first page ofa new journey logbook:  

    C) As many entries as are necessary to ensure that an unbroken chronological record is maintained
  44. You are on an instrument approach to a controlled aerodrome located within a control zone. In order to facilitate the flow of traffic, you wish to cancel IFR and continue to land visually. The minimums which will allow you to do this are visibility __, minimum horizontal distance from cloud __, and minimum vertical distance from cloud__:  

    C) 3 miles, 1 mile, 500 ft
  45. Without renewal within the last 90 days of its validity period, a PPC is valid __ in an airline operation:  

    B) To the first day of the seventh month following the month in which the PPC was completed
  46. While en-route and on an IFR flight plan, ATC is to be notified as soon as possible if the TAS changes by more than __%. However, if cleared en-route at a specified Mach number and the clearance is accepted, then ATC approval must be obtained to change your en-route Mach number by more than __Mach:  

    D) 5, 0.01
  47. The correct content and sequence of an IFR position report is:  

    C) Identification, position, time, altitude, IFR, next reporting point and ETA, name only of next succeeding reporting point, remarks
  48. If while on an IFR flight plan your ETA for a reporting point changes by more than __ minute/s then the appropriate ATSU should be advised as soon as possible:  

    B) 3
  49. A VHF airway based on 2 VORs has a basic width of __ either side of the centerline and a splay angle of __ beyond __:  

    D) 4 nm, 4.5°, 50.8 nm
  50. A flight crew member with an airline or commuter operation requires __ rest period/s of at least 36 consecutive hours within each period of __ consecutive days or one period of at least __ calendar days within each __ consecutive days:  

    D) 1, 7, 3, 17
  51. The minimum vertical separation which ATC will provide to same direction traffic operating up to and including FL 290 is __. In RVSM airspace, from FL 290 to FL 410 inclusive, minimum separation of same direction traffic is __:  

    C) 2000 ft, 2000 ft
  52. What does a flight crew member working in a commuter operation have to do in order to regain qualifications if a PPC has expired for between 6 and 24 months: 

    D) All of the above
  53. The following is not a possible oxygen requirement on aircraft operated by an airline operator:  A)When operating above FL 250, there must be readily available to each flight attendant on board portable oxygen equipment with a 15 minute supply of oxygen  B)When operating above FL 250, the pilot at the controls shall use an oxygen mask even if the aircraft is equipped with quick donning masks  C)When operating a pressurized aircraft, it must be equipped iwth o
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