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  1. Breach
    An opening (close seal)
  2. commandeer
    to seize for military or official use
  3. diffuse
    to spread or scatter freely or (concentrate brief succinct)
  4. predispose
    to incline beforehand (immunize against)
  5. salvage
    to save from fire (abandon, scrap, junk)
  6. spurious
    not genuine, not true, not valid (genuine, authentic, bona fide, valid)
  7. adjourn
    to stop preceding temporarily (open, call to order)
  8. comely
    having a pleasing appearance (ugly)
  9. compensate
    to pay for services (fail to reward)
  10. dissolute
    to lose morals (moral, proper)
  11. feint
    to make a deceptive movement
  12. fodder
    food for horses or cattle
  13. illegible
    hard to read (readable)
  14. jeer
    to make fun of rudely (plaudits)
  15. lucrative
    profitable (losing)
  16. mediocre
    ordinary (exceptional)
  17. terse
    brief (wordy)
  18. unflinching
    showing no signs of fear (wavering)
  19. adherent
    a follower (opponent)
  20. cherubic
    resembling an angel (deilish)
  21. condone
    pardon, overlook (condemn)
  22. pauper
    poor person
  23. semblance
    an apparition
  24. surmount
  25. terminate
    to bring to an end
  26. usurp
    to sieze and hold
  27. abscond
    to run off
  28. daunt
    to intimidate
  29. disentangle
    free from tangles
  30. fated
    determined by fortune
  31. inanimate
    not having life
  32. intrepid
  33. larceny
  34. pliant
    easily influenced
  35. rectify
    to correct
  36. annihilate
    to destroy completely
  37. arbitrary
  38. brazen
    made of brass
  39. catalyst
    a substance that hurries a chemical equation
  40. facilitate
    to assist
  41. incorrigible
    beyond control
  42. paramount
    above all others
  43. rebut
    to offer arguments
  44. succumb
  45. bondage
  46. defray
    to pay for
  47. diligent
  48. hew
    to chop down with an axe
  49. incessant
    never stopping
  50. intricate
  51. lucid
    easy to understand
  52. posthumous
    published after death
  53. sardonic
    bitterly sarcastic
  54. superfluous
    exceeding what is required
  55. taunt
    to jeer at
  56. tenacious
    holding fast
  57. adieu
  58. advent
    an arrival
  59. bogus
  60. exorbitant
    unreasonably high
  61. inundate
    to flood
  62. malign
    to speak evil of
  63. metatropolis
    a large city
  64. momentous
    very important
  65. perilous
  66. shoddy
    poor quality
  67. tirad
    a long angry speech
  68. vagrant
  69. latent
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