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  1. during free flight of the ALCM or CALCM, the 28 VDC power requirements are provided by the ______
    generator/ regulator
  2. the electrical power system flight control and guidance cables for the ALCM and CALCM are classified as Category ____
  3. which system designs ensures certain events take place in a given sequence to allow for warhead detonation?
    SAF system
  4. what component provides power to the missile during free flight and where is this component located
    generator/ regulator, located in the aft engine compartment
  5. when examining the window on the bottom of the WAD, what visual indication denotes a missile safe status
    white "s" on a green background
  6. which AGM-86C component passes the fuzing signal from the WAD to the proximity sensor fire input of the fuzes
  7. on the ALCM, air is supplied from the forward ECS through the engine bleed port from the number ___ compressor
  8. what component in the ALCM and CALCM engine desiccant system provides a moisture barrier for the engine intake
    inlet seal
  9. at the end of the fueling procedure for the ALCM and CALCM, the air vent/ vacuum valves are used to adjust the fuel tank ullage in order to _____
    allow for expansion of the fuel caused by changes in temp
  10. the purpose of the third filter on the ALCM and CALCM engine fuel system is to ______
    protect the fuel manifold jets from clogging
  11. during free flight, air is removed from the ALCM and CALCM engine oil by_____
    having the oil flow over a deaeration baffle
  12. what ALCM and CALCM flight controller circuit serves as a converter modulator to provide sine and cosine signals to the roll resolver
    AC reference voltage DAC
  13. how many static ports is the ALCM and CALCM pilot static probe equipped with?
  14. the missile radar altimeter on the ALCM and CALCM consists of ________
    the radar altimeter electronics and 2 antennas
  15. the ALCM and CALCM CRMA revise antenna has a squint angle of 14 degrees in pitch to ________
    compensate for antenna angle of installation
  16. what ALCM and CALCM system utilizes barometric and radar altimeter measurements to construct a profile of the terrain that is coincident with the ground track of the missile?
  17. what does not contribute to the fact that nuclear weapons are a critical natural resource?
    shape of the missile
  18. what type of individual(s) must be present during nuclear operations?
    authorized and knowledgeable enough to detect incorrect procedures
  19. what rules must technicians adhere to when preforming operations involving nuclear weapons?
  20. what act ensures a piece of equipment is certified to use for nuclear operations
    positive identification
  21. what must you do as a technician during the verification of nuclear certified equipment
    verify MNCL
  22. what is one of the key steps to complete prior to transporting the missile into the fuel room
    ensure the route is clear
  23. why does the APPU fill the missile fuel lines with priming fluid
    to ensure efficient start of the engine after launch
  24. what must take place prior to refueling a missile in the fuel room
    adding and adapter to the forward stand
  25. the purpose of the ESTS is to provide the means for ______
    verifying the operational readiness of components undergoing testing
  26. what is not a checkout capability on the b52h
    CSRL loaded nuclear bomb check
  27. what provides and interface between the operator and the ESTS and allows the operator to control and monitor all ESTS operations from a central location
    CRT display station
  28. during ESTS software program execution, where is all the test data logged
    removable disk in the disk drive
  29. what are the two main parts of the ESTS software system
    UUT and self test
  30. the purpose of the 3A5 vacuum pump in ADTS is to ______
    reduce the volume of air contained in the ADTC fixed volume tanks
  31. which MRATA contains circuits for simulating altitude rate of change for pulsed type altimeters
    active loop drawer A1
  32. what type of power does the a3, a6, and a7 MRATA power supplies produce and what is their purpose
    fixed DC; provides MRATA operating power
  33. how are the CCU flowmeter reading accurately taken when measuring air flow
    near the top of the meter float, at the lower edge of the bevel
  34. what provides the majority of the electrical interface connections between the ESTS and the missile
    patchboards which provide hardwire programming
  35. what must be in place to prevent RF leakage during missile level 1 testing procedures
    RF gasket on both antenna hoods
  36. what action is taken to isolate the pilot tube and ERTT heaters from the 28 VDC main bus and prevent them from becoming hot during missile checkout
    remove the shorting plug w5j1 from payload bay
  37. what action is preformed as a final step to verify faults have been corrected
    level 1 test
  38. after the ADCU operational flight software is loaded into the missile, the missile is classified ______
  39. when troubleshooting electrical systems, what can be used to enhance the process
    utilizing cruise missile diagrams
  40. what type of diagram would you use to analyze  component interconnection during a level 1 fault
    schematic diagrams
  41. what is a factor that must be known when analyzing a wiring schematic during troubleshooting procedures
    being able to ID when a relay is energized or not
  42. what step is preformed next if a missile is rejected by a MIT/ SIT on a b52 and the master fault is not nuclear critical
    preform memory dump
  43. what step is taken during troubleshooting procedures if a level 2 test has passed twice
    preform level 2 test again
  44. when analyzing the INE memory dump, what two things are compared within the technical operation table
  45. what part of the cruise missile remains with the rack when the arm solenoid is energized
    Missile lanyard
  46. where does the pylon environmental cooling system acquire its cooling air from during either captive carry or ground testing
    aircraft or CCU
  47. what type of nuclear weapon system fault could result in the inability to determine if a weapon is safe status
  48. when troubleshooting procedural flow chart due to a fault message, which step is taken first if a message points towards a component failure
    remove the w80 warhead or electrically isolate warheads
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