MCAT Physics

  1. Angstrom
  2. electron-volt
  3. The cross product
    • This is he result of multiplyingTwo vectors and getting a vector as wn answer.
    • This used the sin between the two angels and an example is torque. The result of the cross product will al ats be perpendicular tj the plabe created by the two vectors
  4. Thr dot  product
    This is the cosine of two vectors multiplied.This results in a scalar much like work
  5. The RHR ( right hand rule)
    • Start by pointing your thumb in the direction of the first vector in the cross product. 
    • Then place your other fingers to point in the direction of the second vector
    • Your palm indicates the direction of the resultant vector.
  6. Terminal velocity
    Drag force , the opposing force caused by air resistance will become equal in magnitudetotheweightof the object and the obj begins to fall with a constant acceleration.
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