History chapter 11 and 12 study guide

  1. A major religion founded to the Hebrews.
  2. The first 5 books of the Jewish bible.
  3. A agreement or promise.
  4. A person who speaks or interprets for God and other people.
  5. He ten laws said to be given to Mosses by God.
    Ten commandments

  6. The escape of the Hebrews form Egyptian slavery.
  7. Name the order of these events.
    • 1.David was King of the Jewish people
    • 2.The Hebrews moved to Egypt
    • 3.Mosses climbed Mount Sinai
    • 4.Abreham moved to Canaan
    • 4, 2, 3, 1
  8. Who unified Israel into on nation?
    • 1.David 2.Abraham 3.Mosses 4.Solomon
    • 1.David
  9. Name on action and contribute to Judaism that Solomon did
    • Action-Built the Great Temple
    • Contribute-Laid a foundation for the Jewish people
  10. Name on action and contribute to Judaism that Mosses did
    •   Action-Brought the ten commandments down form mount Sinai
    • Contribute-Freed the Hebrews form slavery
  11. Name on action and contribute to Judaism the David did
    • Action-Founded the Kingdom of Isral
    • Contribute-Established Jerusalem as a holy city
  12. Name one action and contribute to Judaism that Abraham did
    • Action-Trusted God &  moved to Cannan
    • Contribute-Introduced to belief of one God
  13. What was the most significant difference between Judaism and other ancient religions? A.The Jews had no leaders
    • B.The Jews believed in one God
    • C.The Jews prayed outdoors
    • D.The Jews had no written words in scrolls
    • B.The Jews believed in one God
  14. What was the result of Yohanan ben Zaccai's meeting with the Romans leaders
    The founding of a school
  15. The Hebrews did not believe their leaders were gods. How did this belief affect their daily lives
    They believed in equality among their peoeple
  16. What are the four main beliefs
    • monotheism
    • following gods laws
    • equality and social justice
    • importance of study
  17. one fact about monotheism
    Monotheism is the belief that there is only on god
  18. one fact about following Gods law
    The Jews did their best to follow God's commandments

  19. One fact about equality and social justice
    The Jews believed that if you follow God's Law you where equal in His eyes
  20. One fact about the importance of study
    Studying the Torah is very important in Judaism
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