Soc. St. Chap. 13&14 – II

  1. Organizations of workers with the same trade or skill

    The first trade unions were created to improve pay and working conditionstrade unions
    Trade unions
  2. a work stoppage intended to force an employer to respond
  3. American slave who led a rebellion in Virginia in 1831

    taught himself to read and write

    was hanged after the rebellion, and the rebellion led to Southerners passing more severe slave codes
    Nat Turner
  4. "pre-war"; for this unit, this term refers to the time period before the American Civil War
  5. - anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic, and nativist political party formed in the 1850s.
    Know-Nothing Party
  6. nickname given to cotton in the South

    was the dominant cash crop in the South
    "King Cotton"
  7. invented the steel-tipped plow in 1837

    allowed for increased agriculture production
    John Deere
  8. farmers who did not have slaves
  9. a machine that removed seeds from cotton fibers

    invented by Eli Whitney
    cotton gin
  10. largest immigration group in US between 1846 and 1850

    Irish found work in factories in the Northeast and also helped build the railroad

    large percentage were Roman Catholic
    Irish immigration
  11. money needed to start a business
  12. time period after international slave trade was banned (1807-1860)

    slaves could be traded within American borders
    Second Middle Passage
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Soc. St. Chap. 13&14 – II
Soc. St. Chap. 13&14 – II