BB04 - Pretransfusion testing, alloantibody ID, QA

  1. Two units of blood have been requested for a patient with 2 antibodies. The negative frequency of oneantigen is 70% and for the other antigen is 45%. How many units should you screen?

    B) 4
  2. Six units were crossmatched for a patient with a negative antibody screen. One of the units was incompatible, reacting 3+ at the antiglobulin phase. Which of the following antibodies could most likely be the cause of this reaction?

    • C) Anti-Kpa
    • jQuery1101027038599886690995_1484012269463?NOT SURE!!!
  3. You have just received a crossmatch order and sample for testing. Which should you do first?

    B)  Check the sample identification against the order form
  4. Which is true regarding initial compatibility testing for an infant less than 4 months old?

    A)  Antibody detection testing can be performed using maternal or infant's plasma
  5. Compatibility testing:

    A)  Detects most errors in ABO grouping
  6. What type of blood should be transfused in an emergency when there is no time to type the patient?

    C)  O positive or O negative packed cells
  7. (T/F) A positive DAT on the donor blood unit can cause an incompatible AHG crossmatch.
  8. (T/F) An AHG crossmatch must be performed when the patient has a clinically significant antibody.
  9. (T/F) An immediate spin crossmatch is a check on ABO compatibility.
  10. A positive result in the Immediate Spin (IS) Crossmatch may be resolved by:

    A) Investigating the patient's plasma for cold reactive antibody
  11. Possible advantages of the Gel over LISS IAT tube testing include:

    D)  More sensitive than LISS IAT
  12. Effective blood utilization is evidenced by:

    D)  Lower crossmatch to transfusion (C/T) ratio
  13. (T/F) If your laboratory computer system is validated, the computer crossmatch takes the place of the AHG crossmatch for all patients.
  14. A patient developed anti-S four years ago after blood transfusion. The current antibody screen is negative.Which of the following procedures applies to the current crossmatch?

    A)  Antigen type donor units for S antigen and AHG crossmatch only the S negative units
  15. Autologous blood donation means:

    A)  Patient donated blood for him/herself
  16. Red blood cell alloantibodies that were previously identified in a patient's antibody workup at your hospital, but now are undetectable:

    D)  Can be known about before transfusion by checking the patient's previous history record.
  17. (T/F) An imediate spin (IS) or electronic crossmatch may be performed if the patient's antibody screen isnegative and there is no history of clinically significant antibodies.
  18. An example of a remedial action is:

    A)  Addressing the immediate problem
  19. (T/F) Quality Systems Essentials (QSEs) are applied to the blood bank's path of workflow
  20. (T/F) A Quality Management System (QMS) is the same as compliance.
  21. Match the Quality Management term on the left with the corresponding example on the right. Use eachanswer only once.

    +External Audit
    +QSE for Personnel
    +Process Improvement
    +Records of Error and Accident Occurence

    -Quality Team
    -Non-Conformance Document
    -Essential for new lab test implementation
    -JCAHO Inspection
    -Competancy Skill Assessment
    • External Audit: JCAHO Inspection
    • QSE for Personnel: Competancy Skill Assessment
    • Validation: Essential for new lab test impl
    • Process Improvement: Quality Team
    • Records of Error: Non-Conformance Document
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BB04 - Pretransfusion testing, alloantibody ID, QA
BB04 - Pretransfusion testing, alloantibody ID, QA