SAOP2- Anesthesia

  1. What pre-med protocol will we use for the vast majority of the dogs in our SAOP labs?
    • Ace (0.05mg/kg) + Buprenorphine (0.005-0.02mg/kg)
    • IM
  2. What is the maximum dose of Ace, regardless of the size of the dog?
  3. What pre-med protocol will we use for cats in lab?
    • Dexmedetomidine + Buprenorphine + Ketamine
    • IM
  4. What factors do you use when determining what end of the dosage range to use on any particular animal? (3)
    • lean body weight
    • temperament
    • age
  5. What sized catheter do we use in dogs and cats?
    • Dogs: 20G, 1.25" (small dogs)-2" (most dogs)
    • Cats: 20G or 22G, 1.25"
  6. What is the perianesthetic fluid administration rate?
    • 60drops/mL set for animals <10kg
    • 15drop/mL set for animals >10kg
    • OHE: first hour 10mL/kg/hr, then drop to 5mL/kg/hr after first hour
    • Castration: 5mL/kg/hr
  7. How will we induce unconsciousness in the lab?
    • Propofol vast majority
    • Ketamine + Midazolam in debilitated animals
  8. What are side effects of propofol? (2)
    • hypoventilation or apnea
    • transient hypotension (d/t vasodilation)
  9. When do you use circle rebreathing versus non-rebreathing systems?
    • rebreathing: patient > 2-3kg
    • non-rebreathing: < 2-3kg
  10. Where do we place the doppler BP monitor on our small animal patients?
    crystal taped over shaved palmar digital artery
  11. What is Doppler used for?
    first audible sound after cuff occlusion estimates systolic BP
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