AP Euro Series 1

  1. L’umo universal
    • A renissance man
    • a well rounded person
    • well desired in renissance time
  2. Jacob Burckhardt
    • created the modern concept of "renaissance".
    • Wrote The Civilization of the REnaissance in Italy
    • saying it was the period of the birth of our modern world (ca.1350-1550)
  3. Hanseatic League
    • Very powerful trading league of people called the hansas
    • Around the 1200s Started with a group of small,commercial and military oriented, German, towns.
    • They steadily grew in number of town and commercial bases coverage of land and number
    • So powerful that they monopolized “fish, grain,metals, honey and wines” (339 JJS)
    • slowly declined in power and were replaced by large city states
  4. de Medici family
    • Started as cloth makers and worked there way into real estate and then banking...and eventually became the most powerful bank in all Europe. They became extrodinarily powerful, even managing the papacy's bank. Very wealthy. Became the essential rulers in Florence. They were kicked out in 1494 by the French due to some bad loans but later returned to rule.
    • Cosimo de Medici brought the success for his family and ruled the oligarchy in Florence for a long time
  5. BaldassareCastiglione
      • Wrote Book of the Courtier
      • Believes a successful noble men should be of noble birth because all of their actions will

        • be amplified, good or bad.

        • They should have good looks, manor and talents.

        • Be faithful to those you serve
        • Be up in arms quickly and constantly

        • Learned in humanities particularly language

        • Good writer

      • A successful nobel women should be

        • Should be delicate and gentle, sweet, gracefully

        • Have good manors and be clever but not come
        • across an an arrogant, vain or jelous person so that nothing wrong can be said
        • of her

  6. Isabella d’Este
    dubbed “first lady of the world” she was married to Francesco Gonzaga: marquis of Mantua

    She took care of the court when her husband was kidnapped by Venetians, and made the decision not to send her son in return for her husband because the didn't think it best.

    Display of how in small renaissance courts women had a big role
  7. Peaceof Lodi
    In 1454 it was signed by Milan, Florence and Naples to allign against Venice and the papacy. This gave a balance of power that allowed them to all coexist.
  8. Sack of Rome
    (1527) when Charles I sent his spanish armies into Rome and dominated Italy.
  9. Machiavelli
    • Author of The Prince
    • Floritian who worked in civil service during the gap between medici rule
    • Wrote ThePrince in 1513 in attempt to appeal to the Medici to get his job back.
      • The prince illustrates Machiavelli’s views about what a good ruler should be like

        • He believed that an effective ruler should not
        • do what is right but rather what is not right. Because what is right and what
        • brings success are two very different things.
        • An effective ruler should appear to have the necessary good qualities such as religiousness, loyalty, kindness and sincerity. But not to possess them.
        • Must be adaptable
        • Looking religious is really important, because as long as you can back up your actions with religion you are solid.
  10. Five main political divisions in Italy
    Milan, Venice, Florence, the Papal States and Naples
  11. Milan
    Milan had a centralized governemnt ruled by theVisconti and Sforza families. Goodsystems of taxation
  12. Venice
    was ruled by an oligarchy of merchant-sristocrats. Had a good economy
  13. Florence
    • governed by a merchant oligarchy behind the scenes of a republican. government.
    • Cosimo de Medici was in control. His family kept control for years to come.
  14. Papal States
    more or less controled by the popes until the great schism and cities started gaining independence.
  15. Naples
    the French and Argonese fought over, very poverty filled.
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