HPM 110.70

  1. True or False - Section 2400 (h) of the California Vehicle Code authorizes the CHP to provide security for current and former constitutional officers of the state.
  2. True or False - Section 14615 (b) of the California Government Code appoints jurisdiction and responsibility of security for the State Officers, property and occupants of state property to CHP.
  3. Objectives of the Safety Service Program are:
    • Enforcement of all statutes on state property
    • Serving warrants, orders and related court documents relating to state government.
    • Training for state employees in Crime Prevention Planning, Emergency Prevention, as well as personal safety and crime deterrence.
  4. CHP will not provide non-reimbursable SSP service to state agencies that employ their own facility security, except
    • Emergency situations
    • The requested services fall outside of
  5. True or False - Area commanders may not enter into MOU with state agencies within their area of responsibility to perform specific law enforcement services which are not routinely performed by the client agency's law enforcement personnel.
  6. CHP __ meet with local Law Enforcement to discuss the level of response local agencies will provide to state facilities.
    Should  Shall
  7. If CHP does not respond to investigate a crime on state property, a report _____ should be submitted to CHP, even when local LE responds.
    STD 99
  8. True or False - State agencies are not required to report all crimes and property damage on state owned or leased property to CHP.
  9. STD 99's shall be retained at the Area or Division level for ______from date of incident.
  10. Overtime duty code _____ shall be used to report OT for any SSP activity.
  11. STD 268 (Report of Injury on State Property) CHP _____ complete the STD 268 for injuries of visitors to state facilities and property.
  12. When area supervisors are not notified of major crime that's beyond the scope of the area SSP officers, ISU ______ be notified. Division SSIP supervisors may notify appropriate allied agency to facilitate further investigative leads/information.
  13. All responses to state properties shall be recorded and categorized as the following:
    • Priority One - Crimes/incidents requiring immediate investigation.
    • Priority Two - Crimes/incidents requiring follow up, no immediate investigation required.
    • Priority Three - Crimes/incidents with no leads and reported for stat purposes
  14. Section 2400 (G) of the Vehicle Code gives the ______ of the CHP the authority and responsibility to develop a program to protect state employees.
  15. State Agency Crime Prevention and Security Program Training include:
    • Site Inspection checklist training
    • Crime prevention plan development and best practices training
    • Workplace violence training
  16. Government Code _____ authorizes the CHP to establish guidelines for protection of employees, property, buildings and grounds, and occupants of state property.
  17. California _____ and ______ require certain reporting requirements on emergency response agencies when called to an accident involving serious injury, illness or death.
  18. True or False - In the event of a death as a result of an accident on state property, it is required the accident scene be preserved until the arrival of Cal OSHA personnel.
  19. When it comes to state property event permits, field divisions are responsible for :
  20. True or False - An event permit is not required to distribute leaflets, pamphlets of non-commercial nature.
  21. Permits are issued within __ working days from receipt of complete and proper application, providing criteria is met.
  22. Initial permit request may be accepted by:
  23. Approved permits should remain in active file until conclusion and then retained for __ years following.
  24. Applications _______ be denied if it is determined that the activi1y is prohibited on state property, or revoke at anytime if activities are creating or causing a risk of injury or damage and impending performance of public business in area of activities.
  25. Within _____ days of permit denial, or cancellation, applicant may apply for a review of the reason. The review shall be held within ________ working days by the Commissioner of his designee
  26. If alcoholic beverages are to be sold and consumed on state property, a license must be obtained from:
  27. True or False - If alcoholic beverages are served but not sold on state property, no license is required
  28. OMV offices periodically process registration request for "DOJ Stops", which are coded into separate categories.
    • Code "A" - person associated with vehicle may be armed and dangerous.
    • Code 'W" - person associated with vehicle may be wanted.
    • Code "F' - the vehicle is reported as being used in the commission of afelony.
  29. The CHP _____ respond to DMV offices and provide appropriate service if appropriate local law enforcement agency is unavailable or refuses to respond
  30. Who is responsible for developing SSP, SOP specific to their area of responsibility?
  31. When responding to investigate a DOJ stop at the OMV, a minimum of _____ officers should respond.
  32. Per the______ Code, the CHP enacted a "Zero-tolerance" workplace violence policy to provide a workplace that is sate and healthful.
  33. True or False - Workplace violence occurs when an individual knowingly and willfully inflicts or threatens another person or property at the workplace.
  34. All work sites, including state facilities, _____ required to prepare an injury and illness Prevention Plan which employees are familiar with.
    Are    Are Not
  35. Per section 6401 LC, all employees are required to report to a supervisor any violation of the Department's workplace violence. A CHP 109 _____ be any time an act or threat of workplace violence is reported.
    Should   Shall
  36. If an investigator deems it necessary to complete a CHP 216 for a workplace violence investigation, a copy shall be forwarded to _______ .
  37. True or False - The role of the Department when conducting PSD's will be limited to providing supplemental security for the federal agency with primary responsibility for the visiting dignitary.
  38. True or False The CHP is responsible for advance operations when a federal agency initiates a request for assistance. The advance operations include motorcades, routes, threat assessment, personnel assignments, personnel equipment, protective intelligence operations, physical security of the dignitary, coordination with allied agencies, communications, and identification
  39. Upon approving a request for assistance (RFA), the respective division commander or designee will forward the RFA to the _____ for approval.
  40. Whenever feasible, control of a PSD _______ remain with the originating Division.
    Should   Shall
  41. Initial training for personnel assigned to PSD's shall have a minimum of _______ hours of training.
  42. A PSD after action report shall be submitted to AFC within _____ working days of the termination of each detail.
  43. True or False - When conducting a PSD detail, patrol vehicles with cages are preferred.
  44. When conducting PSD, an Escort unit is to provide care for the injured only after:
  45. True or False - When conducting a Personal Security Operation (PSO), officers shall wear their protective vest.
  46. California Penal Code __ makes it a felony to knowingly and willingly threaten the life of, or threaten serious bodily harm to any public official, county clerk, exempt appointee of the Governor, or judge, or the staff of immediate family of any of the above, with the specific intent that the statement is to be taken as a threat, and there is apparent ability to carry out that threat by any means.
  47. When conducting an investigation of a threat against of a public official, investigative reports shall be forwarded to:
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