Work (Unit 2)

  1. 39) When using predictive analysis, what technique is used to measure the degree of relationship between two sets of data & predicts or estimates the value?
    Correlation analysis
  2. 40) What are the two types of correlation techniques used in predictive analysis?
    Linear & Curvilinear
  3. 41) When a line of regression is plotted, variation of the predicted values is allowed by
    establishing a range w/i which a given proportion of the values will fall.
  4. 42) In trend analysis, a set of data observations made at consecutive time periods is called a
    time series
  5. 43) The most general, common type of variation in a set of data over a long period of time can be described by a
    secular trend variation
  6. 44) The extrapolation of linear trends is to use statistical methods that consist primarily of the measurement of events in the
  7. 45) The mechanical method of extrapolation
    cannot be used with nonlinear trends.
  8. 46) In probability statistics, data such as numbers of personnel, failures, cars, aiplanes, & radar sets are what tye of data?
  9. 47) In probability statistics, failures per end item are considered what type of data?
  10. 48) In terms of how probability is determined, what are the two definitions of probability?
    Classical & Frequency
  11. 49) The mission capability status code that is the sum of NMCS & NMCB and reflects total NMC aircraft limitations due to supply is called
    TNMCS (Total Not Mission Capable Supply)
  12. 50) All raw data used to compute mission capabilities comes from
    the AVS (Aerospace Vehicle Status) report
  13. 51) What is subtratced from the total # of scheduled sorties when computing for the Flying Scheduled Effectiveness rate?
  14. 52) Which one is not a factor for computing manhour per flying hour?
    Support general
    Supply return rate
    On-equipment manhours
    Off-equipment manhours
    Supply return rate
  15. 53) Which rate is used to measure speed of repair & of equipment maintainability.
  16. 54) What code is used in the computation of the break rate?
    Landing code 3
  17. 55) Which rate is used by base supply to indicate depot support?
  18. 56) What action-taken code means "removed for cannibalization?"
  19. 57) What factor is included in the computation of the CANN rate?
    Total # of sorties flown
  20. 58) Which rate is a lagging indicator under fleet availability?
    Mission capable rate
  21. 59) Which rate is the overall indicator for a flying program?
    Utilization rate
  22. 60) Which fix rate time interval is reported for all aircraft other than fighters?
  23. 61) The three major areas on the MX Analysis Referral are problem and background, results of investigation, and
    recommended corrective action
  24. 62) What kind of approach initiates a special study during an equipment analysis?
  25. 63) Which medium is a formal way of presenting a special study?
    Written report
  26. 64) Whenever an advisory notice is sent out to the field, the users affected at base level are determined by the
    host database manager
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