bicycle or car?

  1. Is it better ... their cars?
    Is it better for people who live in towns and cities to travel to work by bicycle rather than using their cars?
  2. This essay ... urban environment.
    This essay discusses the advantages and disadvantages of cycling to work in an urban environment.
  3. It considers ... four.
    It considers traffic congestion, the dangers to cyclists and the savings that can be made by using two wheels instead of four.
  4. Nowadays ... hour.
    Nowadays there are substantial numbers of cars and trucks on the roads, causing long queues of traffic, especially during the rush hour.
  5. For drivers ... considerable.
    For drivers, the stress of waiting in a traffic jam must be considerable.
  6. Therefore ... instead?
    Therefore, isn’t it more sensible for them to leave their vehicles at home and cycle instead?
  7. The answer to this is not straightforward.
    The answer ... straightforward.
  8. Some people ... case.
    Some people argue that it is healthier but this isn’t necessarily the case.
  9. As a cyclist, ... hurt.
    As a cyclist, you have to breathe in car fumes and risk your life every single day –cycling in cities can be incredibly dangerous and you can get seriously hurt.
  10. On the other hand ... bike.
    On the other hand, it is much cheaper to use a bike.
  11. You .... repairs.
    You don’t have to buy petrol or pay for many repairs.
  12. For this reason ... routes.
    For this reason it is preferable to cycle to work, but only if you can avoid the busy main roads and follow more pleasant routes.
  13. In conclusion, ... possible.
    In conclusion, it is certainly true that we should cycle wherever possible.
  14. However, ... urgently.
    However, not enough is being done to encourage people to leave their cars at home and this needs to be addressed urgently.
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