Elementary Korean 1

  1. 그래요?
  2. 고맙습니다
    Thank you
  3. Yes
  4. 아니오
  5. 김 선생님, 안녕하세요?
    How are you, Mr. Kim?
  6. 네. 안녕하세요?
    Fine, how are you?
  7. ...입니다
  8. 만나서 반갑습니다
    Nice to meet you; nice to see you
  9. 안녕히 가세요
    Good bye! (to one who is leaving)
  10. 안녕히 계세요
    Good bye! (to one who is staying)
  11. 수고하십니다
    Hello! (to someone working)
  12. 수고하세요
    Good bye! (to someone working)
  13. 수고하셨어요
    Thank you for helping me; Well done!
  14. 처음 뵙겠습니다
    Pleased to make your acquaintance.
  15. 또 뵙겠습니다
    See you later! (FORMAL)
  16. Yes
  17. 감사합니다
    Thank you
  18. 천만에요
    You're welcome; Don't mention it.
  19. 뭘요
    You're welcome; Don't mention it.
  20. 어서 오세요!
  21. 들어오세요!
    Come in!
  22. 앉으세요
    Please take a seat / sit down.
  23. 실례 합니다
    Excuse me (for what I am doing).
  24. 실례했습니다
    Excuse me (for what I did).
  25. 실례하겠습니다
    Excuse me (for what I'm about to do).
  26. 미안합니다
    I'm sorry; Excuse me.
  27. 죄송합니다
    I'm sorry; Excuse me.
  28. 아니오, 괜찮아요
    Not at all, it's all right; No, thanks.
  29. 여보세요!
    Hello!; Hey there!
  30. 시간이 다 됐습니다
    It's time (to begin or stop)
  31. 또 봐요
    See you later! (POLITE)
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