LAW - Chapter 7

  1. This abuse takes places if an undertaking in a dominant position commits for example the acts described in Art. 102 TFEU (unfair pricing, a refusal to supply another company.
    Abuse of a dominant position
  2. Undertakings which set up a form of cooperation between themselves for economic purposes, such as a trade association.
    Association of undertakings.
  3. Legislation to uphold the principal of a common market within the EC
    Cartel law
  4. Rules on how competition should develop according to the principle of a common European Market. [...] states which acts of undertakings are not permitted, which sanctions may be imposed if they break these rules and the ways of avoiding prohibited competitive practices.
    Competition Law
  5. Parallel behaviour of undertakings (with regard to the type of product, the size and number of undertakings, and the size of the market in question) which results in abnormal competitive advantage.
    Concerned practices
  6. An undertaking which dominates the market, with regard to the product market (the appropriate market for the product), the geographical market (the area where the product is marketed) and the dominance of the undertaking (in that product market within an area of the EC). Under ECT law there is nothing wrong with holding a [...], as long as the undertaking does not abuse it.
    Dominant position
  7. Agreements between undertakings, decisions by associations of undertakings and concerted practices are capable of constituting a threat, direct or indirect, actual or potential, to freedom of trade between member states in a manner detrimental to the attainment of the objectives of a single market between states.
    May affect trade
  8. The combining of two or more undertakings in one.
  9. Any person engaged in economic or commercial activity involving the provision of goods or services
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LAW - Chapter 7
LAW - Chapter 7