Earth Science Chapter 16

  1. What is the largest dam in the world?
    The Three Gorges Dam
  2. Where is the largest dam in the world located?
    In China, it pumps its water out of the Yangtze River.
  3. What is hydropower?
    It is a form of electricity, using water to maintain and create it.
  4. What is a stream?
    It is a small body of flowing water, that usually flows continuously.
  5. What determines a streams flow, energy, and volume?
    Its elevation profile, cross-section, and drainage basin.
  6. What is a streams elevation profile?
    It is the elevation of the stream from its beginning to its end.
  7. What is a mouth?
    It is where the stream goes into an ocean.
  8. What is the source?
    It is where the water that flows in the stream comes from.
  9. What is a base level?
    It is where the stream meets sea level.
  10. What is a high gradient flow?
    It is where the stream is steep, so more water will flow through it quicker.
  11. What is a low gradient?
    It is where the stream is not steep which means not as much water will flow through it.
  12. What is a cross-section?
    It is where another stream crosses through another stream.
  13. What are tributaries?
    They are smaller streams that feed the water to much larger streams.
  14. What is a waterfall?
    It is where a stream runs off the side of a cliff or a mountain.
  15. What are rapids?
    They are small or large rocks that make miniature water falls.
  16. What is a divide?
    It is something that splits a river or stream into two parts.
  17. What is a floodplain?
    It is where fertile top soil forms over the water and gets nutrients whenever it floods there.
  18. What is a lake?
    It is any isolated body of water that is not connected to the ocean.
  19. What lake has the largest amount of salt in the whole world?
    The Black Sea
  20. What is the largest lake formed in a volcano?
    Crater Lake
  21. What was the name of the vehicle that broke the sound barrier in the Bonneville Salt Flats?
    The Thrust SSC
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