LAW - Chapter 6

  1. Measures taken by a Member State, which do not equally apply to both domestic and imported products.
    Distinctly applicable measures
  2. In order to stimulate economic activity among EC businesses such as undertakings, goods must be able to circulate unrestricted within the EC
    Free Movement of goods
  3. Measures taken by a Member State that apply equally to both domestic and imported products.
    Indistinctly applicable measures
  4. If a quantitative restriction or a measure having equivalent effect is established, it is possible to avoid its prohibition under Art. 34 or 35 TFEU. If the restriction is [...], the Member State may uphold its own legislation. If the restriction is not [...], the Member State has to annul this part of its legislation as it conflicts with the free movement of goods.
  5. All trading rules eneacted by Member States which are capable of hindering, directly or indirectly, actually or potentially, intra-community trade are to be considered asĀ [............] to quantitative restrictions. These measured are acts of Member States that do not forbid imports (or exports) but baically make it economically less viable to import (or export) goods within the EC.
    Measure having equivalent effect
  6. A [...] is an act of a Member State which restricts (by amount or by value or for a certain period of time) the import or export from another Member State of a product
    Quantitive Restriction
  7. Rules of law that enables a Member State to justify acts which are considered indistinctly applicable measures of that State.
    Rules of Reason
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LAW - Chapter 6
LAW - Chapter 6