English Literature Vikings

  1. Where do Vikings come from?
    • Denmark
    • Norway
    • Sweden
  2. What does Viking mean?
    pirate raid
  3. What was the Viking age in European history?
    AD 700 to 1100
  4. What was the start of the struggle between the English and the Vikings?
    • AD 787
    • three Viking longships landed in southern England, fought the locals and sailed away/
  5. What did the English people call the Vikings?
  6. What are Norse?
    Norwegian Vikings
  7. Where did Norse sail?
    • Scotland
    • Wales
  8. Explain the religion of Vikings
    The Vikings had their own pagan religion. They worshipped many gods and told stories about gods, giants and monsters which were known as Norse myths.
  9. how did the vikings treat dead people?
    they buried or cremated them with some of their belongings, to take into the next world.
  10. What were Viking stories about?
    About how people lived in Midgard or Middle Earth along with giants elves and dwarfs.
  11. What are some of the monsters in viking stories?
    • sea serpents
    • trolls
    • dragons
    • fierce wolf Fenrir
  12. how did vikings worship their old gods
    • it's thought they had magic trees or wooden temples.
    • after they became christians, they founded churches and painted stone crosses.
  13. what does
    • going viking
    • mean
    • raiding ships
  14. what does 
    • danes
    • mean
    • it's what the English called vikings
  15. what does 
    • norse
    • mean
    • Norwegian vikings
  16. who is 
    • thor
    • the god of thunder
  17. who is 
    • odin
    • the god of the gods
    • god of magic, poetry and war
  18. who is
    • Freja
    • the god of love and fertility
    • cried golden tears
  19. who is 
    • loki
    • the trickster god
  20. what is 
    • Valhalla
    • a great hall where dead heroes feasted at long tables
  21. what are
    • valkyries
    • odin's handmaids who conducted their warriors of choice to Valhalla
  22. what is
    • midgard
    • middle earth
  23. what is 
    • asgard
    • the sky world where gods and goddesses lived
  24. what is 
    • Sleipnir
    • odin's 8 legged magical horse
  25. what is the difference between greek and norse mythology
    greek mythology has a dreamlike atmosphere and there is a tendency to escape the vileness of the barbaric world. whereas norse mythology presents the horrors of barbaric times and is gloomier and darker.
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