LAW-Chapter 5

  1. The [...] applies when both parties are from countries that are Contracting States of the CISG, or if the rules of international private law lead to the application of the law of a Contracting State.
    Application of CISG
  2. One of the two parties to a contract of sale does not abide by the obligations imposed on it by the contact or CISG.
    Breach of Contract
  3. The [...] of the CISG are 73 of the member states of the United Nations
    Contracting States
  4. An offer that becomes an agreement as soon as the acceptance of the offeree reaches the offeror
    Formation of the Contract of sale.
  5. A declaration by one of the two parties to a contract that it considers to be null and void, such as to be cancelled as a result of a fundamental breach of contract by the other party.
    Nullifying contract
  6. Same as Require Performance, but within an extra period of time added to performance within allow one party to fulfil an obligation an additional period.
    Performance within additional period
  7. A demand from one party to the contract that the other party should abide by its contractual obligations. Thus the contract requires the seller to deliver the goods ordered, and the buyer should accept them and make payment.
    Require performance
  8. The CISG is a Convention drawn up by the United Nations and affects only those countries who have become Members of the UN and have signed the Convention
    UN Convention on the International Sales of Goods.
  9. Option available to the buyer to reduce the price to be paid for goods if they were of lesser quality than agreed on.
    Reduction of price
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