1. Act 1  S 7 after "We open in Venice" music.
    Fried; You don't really mean you'd leave, Yes I guess you do.  Lillie: You bet I do. TWO MEAN ENTRE FRED'S DRESSING ROOM. Fred: you'll never work in the theatre again. Lillie: Who want to. Fred your out of your mind. Lillie get out get out get out. Fred goes to his room. Fred Not you two.
    What a performance.
  2. 2; What unction.
    • Do you think the audience is getting it.
    • It's way over their heads.
  3. Fred;  Look here.
    Hey, we just came here to check and see if you jostled your memory.
  4. Fred: I told you I never signed any--Yes! As a matter of fact I did sign that I.O.U
    He remembers.
  5. 2 What a relief.
    • When are you gonna pay this debt of honor
    • to one of America's most respectable floating crap games?
  6. Fred; Well that's just it.  I haven't got it. I would have at the end of the week if the show could run.
    • Oh, it'll run.
    • It's entertaining, vivacious and calculated to please the discriminating theatre goer.
    • You can quote me.
  7. Fred: Unfortunately, Miss Vanessi, my co-star is quitting.
  8. Fred: As of now.  Temperament.  Didn't like the way I played our little scene.
    Both; No! Oh!
  9. Fred:  She's dressing to leave the theatre right now.  I'll have to return whatever money there is in the box office.
    She can't do that!
  10. Fred: Perhaps if you gentlemen could talk to her, heart to heart.
    • Heart to heart?
    • That's our speciality.
  11. Fred knock at Lilly's dressing room.
    Fred{ Lilli! Oh Lilli! Lilli: there's no use trying to persuade me. Fred: Some very ardent admires of yours.  Come in gentlemen. Kate: Are you the management?
    • Miss Vanessi, you have been my ideal for years.
    • I married my wife because in a certain light,
    • when it kinda dark
    • she might pass for your sister.
  12. Lilli:  How sweet.
    Your glorious voice has been a inspiration to me in my work.
  13. 2nd ; What a trouper.
    What a personality.
  14. 2nd; Now is it true Miss Venessi that you're contemplating quitting this high type entertainment?
    Lilli:  I am.

    Both men express disappointment "Naaaah"
    • Now you know Miss Vanessi, the show must go on.
    • bot men get their guns out
    • I'm just transferring the weight off a on side to the other. puts gun in pocket.
    • We got a financial interest in the success of this show as well as personal.
    • And Miss Vanessi, you got to play this show out tonight, and at least to the end of the week when Mr Graham pays his debt of honour.
  15. Lilli: Are you threatening me?
    • Now , Miss Vanessi,
    • let's talk it over.
  16. Lilli:  Fred?
    • Fred: This is an outrage.
    • Change scene 8, to Cantiamo D'Amore.
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