Sociology - Education

  1. Define the term 'Hidden curriculum'
    • Unwritten, unofficial lessons, values and perspectives that students learn in school without directly being taught
  2. Give two examples of the 'Hidden curriculum'
    • Punctuality
    • Wearing uniform

  3. Define the term 'Value consensus'
    • A general agreement around the main shared values of a society
  4. Define the term 'Social solidarity'
    The integration of people into society through shared values, a common culture, shared understandings and social ties which bind them together.
  5. Define the term 'Agent of Socialisation'
    Factors which form society
  6. Define 'Anomie'
    State of normality
  7. Define 'Role allocation'
    Education allocates people to the most appropriate jobs for their talents, using examinations and qualifications
  8. Define 'Division of labour'
    Reference to the fragmentation of a work process so that employees specialise in specific tasks rather than an individual undertaking the entire work process
  9. Define 'Meritocracy'
    Social system in which people's success depends primarily on their talents, abilities and efforts
  10. Define 'Collective conscience'
    The set of shared beliefs, ideas and moral attitudes which operate as a unifying force among society
  11. Define the term 'Ideological state apparatus'
    A form of 'brain washing' through socialisation
  12. What are 'docile workers'?
    Working class people which are supposedly 'brain washed' by aspects of life like education and jobs, to prevent questioning to their situation
  13. Define 'False consciousness'
    A way of thinking that prevents a person from perceiving their social and economic situation
  14. Define
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