Bumedinst 6224.8B

  1. Service members with a positive TST undergoing further evaluation should not?
    Deploy until the evaluations are completed and all results have been reported.
  2. TSTs are what through pregnancy?
    Safe and reliable and should be administered as appropriate.
  3. Chest Xrays should be examined for?
    Fibrotic changes consistent with old TBD infection and for any signs of active TB.
  4. NAVMED 6224/7
    Initial Tuberculosis Exposure Risk Assessment
  5. Are members leaving active service eligible for continued TB treatment after separation or discharge?
  6. Document patient education and counseling on?
    SF 600
  7. Do not restart the 9 month daily Isoniazid regimen if how many doses of INH can be administered in a 12 month period?
  8. Clinicians should consider the use of what to ensure adherence to LTBI treatment regimens?
  9. If treatment has been interrupted for more than how long, patients must be examined to exclude active TB disease?
    2 months
  10. What is TST?
    Tuberculosis Skin Test
  11. Skin and blood tests are available for identifying individuals asymptomatically infected with?
    Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex bacteria that cause TB.
  12. Testing before separation from naval service?
    It is no longer required that all personnel must have LTBI test results within six months prior to separation or retirement.
  13. Screening for persons or units embarking on a commissioned vessel?
    Prior to or within six months of arrival on a commissioned vessel.
  14. If there is no induration for the test, then record result as?
    0 mm or zero mm.
  15. Enter TST results in mm of induration on?
    NAVMED 6230/4 or NAVMED 6230/5
  16. The TST reaction must be read within?
    48 to 72 hours after PPD administration and induration must be read to the nearest whole millimeter.
  17. If a person returns to have results read in more than 72 hours after placement?
    Record results as "not read" and apply a TST on the opposite forearm.
  18. If the person does not return for results to be read at all?
    Record results as "not read" and recall the person and administer another TST.
  19. What is PPD?
    Purified Protein Derivative
  20. The approved Tuberculin skin test material for the routine Mantoux test is?
    Tween-80-stabilized intermediate strength PPD (5 TU equivalent) available.
  21. Record the PPD test on the?
    NAVMED 6230/4 Adult immunization record, NAVMED 6230/5, child immunization record, and in an authorized navy electronic medical information system, like MRRS, AHLTA, SNAP, or SAMS.
  22. What is BUMEDINST 6224.8B?
    Tuberculosis Control Program
  23. Screen all active duty and reserve personnel during their?
    Periodic Health Assessment using form NAVMED 6224/8 to determine their exposure history and risk of acquiring TB.
  24. Why would additional screening and subsequent testing need to be done?
    • 1) directed by commanders
    • 2) as part of an outbreak
    • 3) if clinically indicated by an individual practitioner¬†
    • 4)¬† as recommended by cognizant Navy Environmental Preventive Medicine Unit
  25. All personnel must be screened for LTBI?
    During their operational suitability screening.
  26. Criteria for determining a positive TST reaction: Low risk?
    Reaction > or equal to 15mm of induration is considered positive in: persons with no risk factors for TB.
  27. Criteria for determining a positive TST reaction: medium risk?
    • Reaction > or equal to 10mm of induration is considered positive in: recent immigrants (within last five years) from high TB prevalence countries,
    • mycobacteriology laboratory personnel,
    • persons with clinical conditions that place them at increased risk.
  28. Criteria for determining a positive TST reaction: high risk?
    • Reaction > or equal to 5mm of induration is considered positive in: recent close contacts of active TB disease patients,
    • persons with fibrotic or other changes on chest radiograph consistent with prior TB,
    • patients suspected of having active TB disease.
  29. Service accessions and individuals assigned to operational military forces, including shipboard personnel, without risk factors for acquiring TB are the low risk group, so their TST is considered positive only for?
    Indurations > or equal to 15mm.
  30. Evaluate all individuals with a TST induration of what to determine if their test is positive based on risk factors outlined in the table.
    > or equal to 5mm
  31. An increase in reaction size of 10mm or more, within a how long, is considered a positive test indicative of a recent infection with Tuberculosis?
    3 year period.
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