WordPress Certification Study - Brain Measures Textbook

  1. What is 'Usenet'?
    AN early form of chat that helped to evolve BBS systems and early support forums.
  2. What was the name of the platform that was the predecessor to WordPress?
  3. What was the first release version of WordPress?
    WordPress 0.70, released by Matt Mullenwegg and Mike Little
  4. What naming convention was used in the early releases of WordPress?
    In a tradition begun by founder Matt Mullenwegg, early releases of WordPress were named after famous jazz musicians;  ex:  Charles Mingus (v1.2), Billy Strayhorn (v1.5), Duke Ellington (v2.0), Michael Brecker (v2.5), John Coltrane (v2.7) and Chet Baker (v2.8).    Recent releases announced on wordpress.org seem to have abandoned that practice likely due to royalty considerations for using a famous persons name.
  5. What is the most current stable release version of WordPress as of December 2016?
    WordPress 4.7
  6. What is the wp-hackers mailing list?
    The “hackers” mailing list, also known as wp-hackers, is a great place for conversation on the development of the software. Unlike the more widely understood definition of hacker, the members of the WordPress hackers mailing list are coders that tinker with WordPress code to make it better and often contribute back to the community with patches and code. Often ideas surface on this mailing list before they show up anywhere else.
  7. What is the wp-testers list?
    Similar to the hackers mailing list, the wp-testers list is where activity associated with development shifts leading up to a major release occurs. These individuals take WordPress and put it through extensive testing, including unit testing, to ensure it is ready for prime time.
  8. What is 'Unit Testing'?
    Unit testing is a type of testing that tries to isolate a function, class, or feature from the rest of the software and determine if it performs as it was designed and expected to do. Unit testing has been championed by several active WordPress users, but most vocally by Jacob Santos, a very active WordPress developer.
  9. What is the name of the WordPress bug tracking system?
    WordPress core developers and bug fixers rely on Trac, the WordPress bug-tracking system located at http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ to keep track of bug reports and patches, consolidate decision-making conversations about features and bugs, and find out about changes made to the core software. Ultimately, any change to WordPress goes through Trac, making it an essential tool for anyone wanting to be involved in the development process.
  10. What are XML-RPC and AtomPub?
    Sometimes it’s just easier, depending on your workflow and habits, to write blog posts in an environment that is more familiar to you. Notably, many people prefer to write blog posts offline and publish from those applications. By doing so, they are using one of two technologies: XML-RPC (XML Remote Procedure Call) or AtomPub (formerly known as APP, or Atom Publishing Protocol). Offline editors send content to WordPress using standardized protocols that WordPress supports.
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WordPress Certification Study - Brain Measures Textbook
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