1. After Great Britain which nation was next to industrialize
    United States
  2. What was the name of the British mill worker Who emigrated to the United States and brought the design for the spinning machine
    Samuel Slater
  3. Why did thousands of young woman moved to rule homes to work in the mill factory towns
    To earn higher wages and gain more freedom
  4. What caused the technological boom experience by the United States of the last third 1800s
    • Natural resources
    • New inventions
    • High population to buy more products made
  5. Why did cities like Chicago and Minneapolis especially expand rapidly during the late 1800s
    Because they were near the railroads
  6. How did entrepreneurs raise funds to invest in their business
    By selling shares in the stock company
  7. What reasons are given for Belgium becoming the second European country to industrialize
    • Natural resources
    • Waterways for transportation
    • Designs for spinning machines
  8. How did the French Revolution in Napoleon wars affected industrialization on the European continent
    • Interrupted trade
    • halted communication
    • Caused inflation
  9. How did Germany industrialization impact. Economically and politically by the end of the 1800s
    Germany had become military giants and economically successful
  10. What was the end inevitable consequence for nations that did not industrialize during this era
    Became financially week and unable to protect themselves
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