1. Alacrity
    Cheerful or speeding willingness
  2. Aggregate
    get together
  3. Aggrandize
  4. Affectation
    Fake behavior
  5. Affable
    Friendly, approachable
  6. Aesthetic
    Appreciation of beauty
  7. Advocate
    Argue in favor of
  8. Adverse
    opposing, harmful
  9. Admonish
    mildy scold, caution, remind
  10. Adhere
    stick to
  11. activism
    pursue political goals through vigorous action
  12. acme
    highest peak
  13. abstain
    hold back, refrain
  14. abridge
    reduce or lessen, shorten by ommitting parts while maintaining main idea
  15. Abrasive
  16. abjure
    Give up, shun, renounce
  17. abhor
  18. aberrant
    abnormal, deviant
  19. abdicate
    Formally give up throne
  20. abate
    Reduce, diminish
  21. alienate
    Cause to become distant, unfriendly, hostile
  22. Alleviate
    Lessen, make easier to endure
  23. Ambiguous
    not clear, hard to understand
  24. Ambivalent
    Uncertain, unable to decide, wanting to do two contradicting things at once
  25. Analogous
    Comparable, good analogy
  26. anarchy
    absence of law or government, chaos
  27. anoint
    rub or sprinkle on, make sacred
  28. anomaly
    deviation from what is common, inconsistancy
  29. antagonize
    Make hostile, unfriendly
  30. antipathy
    Deep dislike, aversion (sometimes w/o reason)
  31. Apathy
    Not caring, lack of concern
  32. apocryphal
  33. Appease
  34. appreciable
    enough to be perceived, considerable
  35. arbitrary
    based entirely on one's discretion, unreasonable, w/o basis
  36. arcane
    known or understood by few, secret
  37. archaic
  38. Arduous
    very difficult, strenuous, hard to endure
  39. articulate
    speak fluently and clear
  40. artifact
    Object made by humans
  41. Artless
    Free of deceit or craftiness, lacking skill or knowledge, natural, genuine
  42. ascertain
    Find out with certainty
  43. Ascetic
    Simple life w/o material pleasures (religious reasons)
  44. Assuage
    Make milder, soothe, pacify, calm
  45. audacious
    Bold and Brave often in rude and reckless way
  46. Augment
    Make larger
  47. Austere
    Very self-disciplined, severe in manner/appearance
  48. Autonomous
    Self-governing, independent
  49. Aver
    Declare or affirm with confidence
  50. avid
    Enthusiastic, passionate, dedicated
  51. balk
    refuse to proceed to do something
  52. base
    morally low, mean, dishonorable
  53. belie
    contradict or misinterpret
  54. benign
  55. Bogus
    fake, fraudulent
  56. bolster
    strengthen, support
  57. boor
    Rude, insensitive
  58. buffer
    Shields, protects
  59. Bureaucracy
    Government with many bureaus and petty administrators
  60. Burgeon
    Grow or flourish rapidly
  61. Buttress
    support or encourage
  62. bygone
    past, former
  63. Cacophony
    harsh, meaningless mixture of sounds
  64. candid
    open, sincere, honest
  65. canonical
    Body of accepted rules, authorized
  66. capricious
    acting on impulse, erratic
  67. cartography
  68. castigate
    criticize severely, punish to correct
  69. catalyst
    cause of change
  70. caustic
    critical or sarcastic, corroding metal or burning skin
  71. censure
    strong disapproval, reprimand
  72. chauvinism
    fanatical patriotism
  73. chronological
    arranged in time order
  74. clamor
    noisy uproar from crowd
  75. clinch
    make final, fasten or hold together
  76. coalesce
    come together, unite
  77. cogent
    very convincing, logical
  78. commensurate
    same in size, equivalent
  79. complacent
    self-satisfied, overly content
  80. complementary
    completing, fit together well
  81. compliant
    Obeying, submissive
  82. concede
    give in
  83. conciliatory
    reconciling, making peace
  84. concur
    approve, agree
  85. condone
    tolerate, regard as harmless
  86. confer
  87. connoisseur
    expert, educated/refined taste
  88. console
    lessen suffering or grief
  89. consolidate
    unite, combine
  90. constrict
  91. construe
    interpret or translate
  92. contentious
    controversial, prone o causing arguments
  93. contextualize
    place in context, giving background/circumstance
  94. conundrum
    riddle, mystery
  95. converge
  96. conversant
    knowledgeable, experienced
  97. conversely
    in an opposite way
  98. convoluted
    twisted, complicated
  99. copious
  100. corroborate
    support, add evidence to
  101. cosmopolitan
    belonging to entire world
  102. countenance
    facial expression, approve/tolerate
  103. counterintuitive
    Against what one would intuitively expect
  104. counterpoint
  105. counterproductive
    defeating the purpose
  106. covert
    secret, undercover
  107. crafty
  108. craven
  109. credibility
  110. credulous
  111. crescendo
    steady increase in force
  112. culminate
    reach final stage
  113. cynical
    bitterly pessimistic
  114. daunt
  115. debase
  116. debunk
    disproof false claims
  117. decorous
  118. deem
    judge, consider
  119. deface
  120. defamatory
    injuring someones reputation, slander
  121. default
    fail to act, neglect
  122. deference
    respectful submission
  123. deflect
  124. deleterious
  125. denigrate
  126. denote
    be a name/symbol of
  127. deride
    mock, scoff
  128. derivative
    not original, derived from something else
  129. Desiccate
  130. detached
    disinterested, distant, aloof
  131. deterrant
    discourage, restrain
  132. diatribe
    bitter, criticize, rant
  133. didactic
    teach, teaching moral lesson
  134. digress
    go off-topic
  135. din
    loud, confused noise
  136. disabuse
    free someone from a mistake in thinking
  137. discerning
    good judgment, insight
  138. discredit
    injure reputation of
  139. discrepancy
    difference in consistency
  140. discriminating
    good judgment, discerning
  141. disingenuous
  142. disinterested
    unbiased, impartial
  143. disjointed
  144. dismiss
    put aside or reject
  145. dispassionate
    calm, lacking emotion
  146. dispatch
    speed, promptness
  147. disperse
  148. disposition
    person's general mood/tendancy
  149. disquieting
    disturb, cause anxiety
  150. disseminate
    scatter, broadcast
  151. dissent
  152. dissonance
    harsh, disagreement, cacophony
  153. distill
  154. diverge
    deviate, differ
  155. divest
  156. divine
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