1. My Goals
    • -my goal is to work with a client to get them to workout for life
    • -introduce them to benefits of working out
    •    -  health
    •    -  confidence in one self
    •   -   Etc
  2. Kinesiology
    the study of the mechanics of body movements
  3. Anatomical Terms
    • Left and Right
    • -left and Right sides of the person in the drawing
    • Anterion and posterior
    • Anterior
    • - front of body ventral
    • Posterion
    • -back of body dorsal

    Superior inferior

    • Proximal and Distal
    • -closer to where arm or leg inserts into body
    • -futher away from where arm or leg insert into body

    • Medial and lateral
    • closer to midline
    • further from midline
  4. Anatomical Position
    Standard position in which structure

    the erect position of the body with the face directed forward, the arms at the side, and the palms of the hands facing forward,
  5. Directional Terms
    Describe position of external structures
  6. Anatomical Planes
    • Sagittal
    • Frontal
    • Transverse
    • Oblique
  7. Sagittal Plane
    • lengthwise cut
    • Divides body into left and right portions
  8. Frontal Plane
    • sideways cut
    • divides body into anterior
    • posterior portions
  9. Transverse
    • horizontal cut
    • Divides body into superior and inferior
    • portions
  10. Oblique
    oblique angle
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