Water Treatment KEY WORDS

  1. Total chlorine levels that are within the safe range for our pts
  2. Length of time the RO has to be running before water samples can be obtained for RO water sample and Total Chlorine Testing
  3. ___ develops voluntary standards for various aspects of dialysis treatment, including max levels of water contamination
    AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation)
  4. Level that necessitates taking corrective measures
    Action Level
  5. Action Level of Total Chlorine
  6. Attract and Hold (binding of chlorine and chloramine molecules to the granulated activated carbon surface)
  7. Plan approved by MD and provides instructions for facility should the municipal water supply is interrupted...plan should be posted in water treatment area
    Alternate Water Supply Plan
  8. Keeps water from flowing backward into the incoming water supply
    Backflow Prevention Device
  9. Forcing water backwards through filter, used to remove accumulated particles from clogged sediment filters in water treatment system
  10. Buffer in the body used to neutralize acids that form when the body breaks down protein and other foods; reabsorbed by healthy kidneys....used in dialysis to help restore levels in the body
  11. Device used to mix bicarb concentrate solutions; used in facilities that do NOT have SDS system
    Bicarbonate Mixer
  12. Used to increased flow or pressure drop from center's water source...water treatment system needs constant water supply
    Booster Pump
  13. Concentrated saline solution
  14. Water softeners require these....holds salt pellets and water...Salt and water create the solution to regenerate the softener (exchange the magnesium and calcium ions for sodium ions)
    Brine Tank
  15. Water treatment devices that contain granular activated carbon that adsorbs low molecular weight particles from water...used primarily to remove chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, industrial solvents, and some trace organic substances from water used in dialysis
    Carbon Tank
  16. Used to lower feed water pH within reverse osmosis water purification systems....
    Chemical Feed System
  17. Together form Total Chlorine
    Chlorine and Chloramine
  18. Measure of number of living bacteria in water or dialysate sample
    Colony Forming Units (CFU)
  19. Ability of fluid to transfer electrical charge; measure of ions in solution
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Water Treatment KEY WORDS
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