Microbiology exam 1

  1. Robert hooke
    all plants and animals were composed of little boxes
  2. Anthony von leeuwenhook
    • "father of microbiology"
    • first to create lens to look at small living organisms
  3. John needham
    developed theory of spontaneous generation
  4. Rudolph Virohovo
    developed theory of biogenesis
  5. Francesco Redi
    demonstrated that maggots would appear in rotten meat when only exposed to flies
  6. Ernest Abbe
    development of oil immersion objective and condenser
  7. Ferdinard Cohn
    first to show that certain bacteria produced endospores calling them sleeping bacteria
  8. Louis Pasteur
    disproved spontaneous generation using goose-neck flask and proved biogenesis
  9. Joseph Lister
    introduced antiseptic surgery using carboxylic acid at the sight of surgery to prevent infection
  10. Robert Koch
    first to isolate bacilis anthracis
  11. Paul Erlich
    created a stain for flagella, endospore capsule
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Microbiology exam 1
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