Work (Unit 1)

  1. 1) For what program does the MXG/CC hold the squadron commanders & supervisors at all levels responsible?
    Vehicle Management
  2. 2) Who is responsible for developing an aircraft impoundment program?
  3. 3) Which commander does the MXG/CC coordinate with concerning the High Speed Taxi check programs?
    Operations Group
  4. 4) Who is responsible for squadron MX production & the overall maintenance repair effort?
  5. 5) Who selects qualified personnel to perform production inspections & forwards names to MX supervision for approval?
    Flight Chief
  6. 6) On what does the section chief perform spot checks for authorized levels?
    Bench stock
  7. 7) Who is responsible for establishing & coordinating plans for rotating 2R1XX personnel through various duty positions to increase field knowledge & experience?
    MOF PS & D Superintendent
  8. 8) Who is responsible for drafting a TO 00-25-107 request?
    The work center discovering the discrepancy.
  9. 9) In conjunction with QA, who will develop procedures for routing all major MX requests to ensure all affected parties are informed?
    MOF PS & D
  10. 10) What IMDS subsystem provides the user with the capability to track engines & their components for time changes & inspections in an array of tracking methods?
  11. 11) Which subsystem features a method of reporting LRU production time?
    Automatic test equipment reporting
  12. 12) Which office of primary responsibility is the subsystem manager for the IMDS status & inventory reporting subsystem?
    MX Operations Center
  13. 13) The operational event subsystem of the IMDS can be best described in what three phases?
    • Mission Recording
    • Mission Accomplishment
    • and analysis phase
  14. 14) What subsystem under the IMDS provides the functional user with an automated system that generates a flying & MX schedule on a Monthly, Weekly or Daily basis?
    Automated scheduling module
  15. 15) What is the purpose of visual aids in the MOC?
    Show the status & location of each aircraft on station.
  16. 16) How do you describe a MOC facility?
    Completely enclosed and controlled room.
  17. 17) What procedure does the MOC follow to help it make correct decisions?
    Emergency Checklist
  18. 18) Who is responsbile for tracking the status & location of all transient aircraft?
  19. 19) What program does the AF use to support information superiority & response time objectives for flying wings, & provides flying units with the ability to track daily MX operations?
  20. 20) Which type of training does an AFSC - awarding course fall under?
  21. Training conducted in the form of one-way video and two-way audio is called
    video teletraining
  22. 22) Responsibility for determining the overall direction of training within an AFS rests with the
    AFCFM (AF Career Field Manager)
  23. 23) If you desire to automate your EST (Enlisted Specialty Training) standards
    your authority is normally from the CFETP, Part II, Section A.
  24. 24) The FEQ (Field Evaluation Questionnaire) asks the supervisor to rate
    how well the graduate performs tasks contained in the CFETP/STS based on training received.
  25. 25) After the student graduates from technical school, within how many months does a supervisor receive a FEQ on the graduate?
    4 to 6
  26. 26) What survey is designed to indicate the quality of AETC technical school graduates to the field?
    GAS (Graduate Assessment Survey)
  27. 27) What organization is responsible for sending out the GAS?
    Training group
  28. 28) Where is information about career progression in an AFS found in the CFETP?
    Part I
  29. 29) What is not found in the CFETP Part II?
    Abbreviations and terms.
  30. 30) Personnel at what organization develop and/or revise formal resident, nonresident, & field and exportable training based on requirements established by the MAJCOM's?
  31. 31) Which column of the STS (Specialty Training Standards) lists all the tasks and knowledge items common to an AFS?
  32. 32) Which column of the STS defines the "contract with the technical school"?
  33. 33) A task developed for an AF Form 797 must be measureable and observable, and
    have a definite beginning and end.
  34. 34) An OSR (Occupational Survey Report) is an all-inclusive survey of all the tasks within
    an AFS
  35. 35) MAJCOM and AETC SME, in conjunction with the OSR data, help develop the
    STS (Specialty Training Standards)
  36. 36) The AFOMS (AF Occupational Measurement SQDRN) provides two products - an OSR and a
    TE (Training Extract)
  37. 37) The purpose of a U & TW is to get personnel from the operational commands and the technical school together to
    review and update training
  38. 38) Prior to a U & TW, what is sent out to MAJCOM personnel for their review?
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