Ab Psych - Paraphillias

  1. Gender Dysphoria Asessment
  2. Transgender
    Transient or persistent identification of Gender different from natal Gender
  3. Transsexual
    Seeks or undergoes social transition from male to female
  4. Intersex
    Individuals with conflicting or ambiguious biological indicators of sex
  5. Gender Dysphoria prevalence
    < 0.01%
  6. Sex Ratio
    2-5 tims more boys/men
  7. Neurophysiological causes of Gender Dysphoria
    Immunoreactivity, Hormonal abnormalities in womb, Drugs
  8. Gender Dysphoria Treatment
    Biological Reassignment, Hormonal, Behavioural
  9. Paraphillia assessment
    Unusual imagery or acts necessary for sexual excitement
  10. Types of paraphillia (name four)
    Fetishes, Transvestite, Zoophilia, Exhibition, Voyeur, Masochism, Sadism, Pedophillia
  11. Causes of Paraphillias, Associative learning/masturbation, substance use, child abuse
  12. Paraphilia Treatment
    Aversion Therapy, Orgasmic reorientation, Psychotherapy is ineffective
  13. Pedopheillia asessment
    >6 Months of fantasies, urges or behaviours toward prepubescent children
  14. Pedophillia exceptions
    At least 16 years old, greater than five years older, Not including ongoing relationships
  15. Pedophillia subtypes
    Pedophillia, Hebephillia, Ephebophhillia
  16. Pedophillia Prevalence
  17. Pedophillia Sex Ratio
    95% - 99.6% Men
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