science ch 9

  1. what word means "out of nothing"
    ex nihilo
  2. what form of energy did God create on the fourth day
  3. what belief did Charles Lyle start with his book Principles of Geology (the belief that natural processes have always occurred int he same manner and at the same rate that they do now )
  4. what states that the true laws of nature always hold
    principle of uniformity
  5. what two scientists were supporting Darwin
    • Asa Gray
    • James Dana
  6. what is the Merging of experiments discovering that genetic traits are  passed down tot one's children and /darwin's ideas of natural selection
  7. most commonly accepted evolutionary view  of the origin of the matter and energy of the universe
    big bang thiery
  8. most widely accepted evolutionary explanation for the origin of life
    chemical evolution
  9. Which two creationists wrote The Genesis Flood 
    • Dr. Henry Morris 
    • Dr. John Whitcomb
  10. Three Prominent scientists who believed in God's Creation of the universe
    • Sir Isaac Newton
    • William Gilbert 
    • Samuel F. B. Morse
  11. what did the Genesis Flood help to begin
    Institute for Creation Research
  12. Random change in DNA
  13. what describes the intensity of a phenomenon as being inversely proportional to the square of a distance
    inverse square laws
  14. most important scientific principle showing that there had to have been an act of creation
    second law of thermodynamics
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